it’s the start of something new :D


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Hello world :D

I’ve sent this link to all my plurk, facebook, and twitter contacts. So it’s kinda like a private blog for all my friends :)) makes no sense :P anyway…

This is I think my 5th blog site :)) multiply (dead), livejournal (dead), tumblr (dead), blogspot (no blog, but have an account, plus I like my url there :)) I might use that one :P I’ll switch everyday, see which one suits me best :D ) plus I have another wordpress account, it’s mainly music realted, but it’s kinda dead :P but I’ll bring it back life since I’m using this one again. :))

So! In this site (which I intend to keep this time) will be about anything. My thoughts, my feelings (most definitely my feelings) and maybe the occasionally something special.

So, first entry!

why did I choose myneverlandinmywonderland as my url? And why Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

Well first off, those are two incredibly incredible stories, second, throughthelookingglass was taken :| but I like this one better :)). Third, my Neverland means a place where I can go to and never grow up :> to never grow up and just be me :D Fourth, my Wonderland is like my own world. Wonderland is a world where everything is backwards, different, peculiar, fun, enjoyable, so on and so on. So that’s why I chose myneverlandinmywonderland

Next! why Peter Pan and not Alice?

Well it’s not like I’m sexist (I’m not, ok???) it’s just that, I find Peter Pan and his Background story, his life and his personality much more attractive then Alice’s. Just think about it (no really I’m serious :| think about it :)) )

last thing..

please follow my blog :D I’d be delighted if you did :P

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