This is my chance to help the world


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So, as a start of something new. I’ll be posting things I’ve learned, experience and felt throughout the years. This is mainly for one purpose and one purpose only. And it’s not to share with you guys what I’ve been through these years, but instead, it’s to help you guys find some answers you might be looking for.

The reason why I’m doing this is because I was inspired by this character I’ve idolized ever since I started high school. This man was a notorious guy. In high school, he was referred to as “the devil”. He would always get into gang fights in and out of school. At the age of 14 he joined a motor bike gang (and the largest one in the area as well) and later on he took that gang and made it into his own. And as they say, the rest is history. Later on in his early adult life he decides to be a teacher thinking he could get some from high school girls. But the class that he got (as a soon-to-be-teacher) was one hell of a class. He saw that the whole class was a wreck, they were just like him, delinquents, troublemakers and even law breakers. Then he saw what he needed to do. He needed to open up their hearts and help them. It was hard, but he could do it. He could do it because he was (and still is) exactly the same as his students are. He could do it because he understands what they’re going through, what they’ve been through, because he’s been there as well. All though his methods are over the top and crazy, I believe he is the only type of person that could change such a person.

And so I wanna do something like that as well. I want to help other people with what I know, learned and felt throughout these 18 years.

The entries will be called Capitulus (n): title… Yes I know it’s in Latin… but around 80% of the English language is derived from it, plus it sounds cool :P

Okay, so I know I’ve said this in the beginning, but I’ll say it again. These entries will be from what I’ve learnt, felt and experienced in my 18 years. Although there may be a point where I try and look into the future, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is, I hope my words can help you. Because to be honest, this is the best I can do for the world. And I expect nothing back from the world :)

(please do forgive some minor errors here and there :P if you check the time that I posted this… it’s 1:25 in the morning, my brain is pretty drained :P


2 thoughts on “This is my chance to help the world

    1. Yeah… I COULD sleep earlier, but it’s much more fun typing in a darkroom with nothing but the lights from your laptop hahaha


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