I do not care….. kapeesh???


picture via http://media.photobucket.com/image/basketball+funny/SwtLatina21/funny.jpg?o=52

Okay here’s the thing… I do not like basketball. In fact I hate the sport. Take it from a person who loves FOOTBALL. Now… I know a lot of people, they know my number :| (I don’t know theirs) unfortunately I can’t change my number cause it’s an inconvenience. So everyone knows today is the end of the UAAP and Ateneo won, right? I mean it’s all over twitter,┬áplurk and facebook to name a few. And now I had to turn off my phone because PEOPLE ARE CALLING ME ABOUT THE DAMN THING!!! AND I FUCKING TOLD EVERYONE I KNOW THAT I FUCKING HATE BASKETBALL BEFORE AND DURING THE UAAP!!!! WHY WON’T YOU PEOPLE FUCKING LEARN?!?! DO YOU NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND THE GOD DAMN WORD “HATE”???? YOU GUYS ARE IN FUCKING COLLEGE!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DEAF AND ILLITERATE??? IF YOU WANNA FUCKING YELL TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT, DO IT SOMEONE WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!

You people (who contacted me) are fools, illiterate, stupid, annoying, bitches, so on and so on… and believe me you deserve it. When I talk to people about myself, I expect them to listen, seriously I do :| it’s because that information might come in handy in the future. And that trait is useless to you guys. I can’t believe you made it to college really :| how could you forget about what a friend said, but remember a boring lecture :| FUCK YOU GUYS. Thanks for making me feel appreciated.

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