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So I decided to plan my day out from now on LOL cause I really don’t get anything done if I just do it spontaneously :P

Although there’s no exact time for each activity, I make sure I get them done

  1. daily morning routine (waking up, shower, eat, etc. etc.)
  2. School (duh)
  3. GYM =)) *1hour-1hour 30, on Tuesdays, 2 hours or more (I started going to Fitness First last Sunday, and I’m lovin’ it :P especially after the whole workout, I drink a nice cold bottle of soy milk :P )
  4. go home
  5. study
  6. eat
  7. study
  8. sleep

There are breaks in between studying of course :D

So that’s what I generally do everyday ;) make yourself active in mind and body :>

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