Break the silence

Photo 102asdfghjkThis is me…. at 2.34 AM :)) bored to tears…

Although, this is the real me :D

The me who wants to have fun

The me who’s super hyper active, noisy, funny and entertaining

The me, who just wants to be set free again…

I am trapped within my own self,

not because of shame,

not because of cowardliness

But maybe because……

I’m not around with the right people,

the kind of people who I can’t be just be me.

It’s weird because,

no matter how hard I try to be myself

I just can’t seem to do it.

It’s like there’s this thing pulling me back


It sounds stupid but,

it doesn’t feel right if I be myself around those kind of people

It feel that it’s wrong to be just me.

So I’m left with just the normal me.

Normal like everyone normally is.

And I hate being normal.

I’m always around normal people :|

Why aren’t there any spontaneous people anymore?

Life is getting dull and boring.


break the silence that the norm put up. :|


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