5 reasons why I hate women


1. Clothes – women have a TON of fantabulous clothes. Like these for example:


and what do men have? Shirts and jeans :| Only Miyavi can beat women in fashion :p


2. Makeup :P – I can’t seem to buy makeup without getting the “he’s-a-fag-stare” I mean what’s to wrong about a straight guy looking to buy makeup or window shopping women’s apparel? I mean women go to the guy’s section and no one gives a fuck about it, oh I know why, it’s because they’re women isn’t it???? BUNCH OF SEXIST BASTARDS!

Anyway… the reason why I find makeup amazing is because it can turn and ordinary woman into a princess. Plus, it’s really beautiful. Kinda hard to explain actually :)) I love it because it’s fun, it’s art, it makes me and the person (guy or girl) feel good and it’s FUN :D


3. Shoes/footwear – HOMEGEHD! I can’t even decide where to start @-) I find women’s footwear to be very elegant, very beautiful and very exquisite etc. etc. I mean come on, can you say “no” to this?


When I see an excellent pair of heels, I would know it is (excellent). Because an excellent pair of heels, to me, is like a very sexy woman. She’s got the curves, she’s got beauty, and she’s got style :p Although wearing heels is a pain Dx I think, for what’s it worth, it’s worth it. Oh But it’s just not “heels” that I’m in to, it’s the whole range of footwear, but I love “heels” the best :))

4. Bags (it’s always about fashion isn’t it?) Hmmmmmm… I like FINO (since that’s what my mom seems to like as well :)) ), Louis Vuitton, Chanel. Burberry, Prada, Gucci….. So far only that :)) I’m new to bags so do forgive me :P But I like those bags that have urban designs on them, but it’s not just those cheap “slap-on” designs you see in Greenhills or Divisoria. But although there are a lot of fantastic bags for men, I like the designs for women as well.


5. When women wear guy clothes, it’s ok, or even really really hot, jut like Horikita Maki :D


isn’t she fantabulously hot with a black MALE blazer. (I can tell it’s a guy’s blazer, I have good eyes). It’s unfair for guys, cause if guys wear girl clothes, they’d look terrible Dx. You’d have to look like a girl to wear girl clothes properly.


*last two pics are old pics, pulled them out of storage and I can’t remember where they came from :|

So yeah…. you could say I’m fashionably gay

2 thoughts on “5 reasons why I hate women

  1. Here’s the contradiction; there are things about guys that even I get jealous about, sometimes I think it’s easier to wake up and know that you just have to choose a simple tee and some jeans and NOT have to wear make-up lol and especially how guys are freer to do what they want, they don’t get judged for being players rather get admired for being one and they don’t have to protect themselves as much as girls do. It depends from girl to girl but I prefer being simple to being glammed up all the time.


    1. well that’s true, cause in the end it really is all about personal taste. In your case you wanna be simple, I on the other hand wanna dress up everyday with superb clothing and fabulous makeup LOL


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