It’s a love-hate thang


So yeah… I just saw this brilliant movie, and…. well it’s beyond brilliant. It’s one of the best western romantic-comedies I’ve ever seen.

Although it is fantastic and fresh (obviously, I mean hello??? A Sundance entry man!) I hate it :P For very very personal reasons. It really felt like I was Tom in that movie, so it really really hit me hard. I really love the movie, but at the same time I hate.

So like Tom was much more expressive than I was. He really didn’t care if other people see him as a wreck, unlike me I hide it so other people wouldn’t worry for a person like me :P

So yeah… I’m still in my days of summer. And following the movie, autumn will never come if summer is still here. Soooooooo…. Yeah, the movie is kinda like a manual for me isn’t it? :))

I’ll be looking forward to more of these brilliant movies :P Mainly the French ones :))

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