I don’t……. anymore….


So here are some few helpful tips for the people who never learn :)


  • I don’t smoke anymore
  • I don’t do drugs anymore
  • I don’t drink anymore
  • I don’t screw people anymore
  • I don’t do stupid stunts anymore
  • I don’t break the law anymore
  • I don’t party till dawn anymore
  • I don’t pick up women just for fun or for sex anymore
  • I don’t sell drugs anymore
  • I don’t give anyone anything that could harm their life or their humanity anymore


I am no longer like you people. It’s been more than a year, a couple months more and it’ll be two. I have no right to judge you nor pity you, but please, leave me alone :| I’m living a better life even if it isn’t as exciting as the one I lived before, I love the way who I am now. I am pursuing my own happiness, because someone told me that I deserve happiness, even if I did horrible things, I deserve, need happiness. True happiness. I say the same to you, but it wouldn’t matter would it. All I am to you people is a bridge to your temporary happiness.

I am no longer a Moonchild. I am a Sunbaby. And I intend to stay that way.

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