Fucked up logic

So today was the releasing of the ACET results. I didn’t make it :| But I made it into DLSU. Now here’s the thing

For a long long time, I’ve been rotting myself away.. Then I realized AGAIN that this is not good for me. I wanted to live life to it’s fullest, achieve great things and beat the one person who’s been pulling me down ever since, MYSELF. And I thought ‘what could be that “thing” that could help me do these things?’ then the answer was just next door. Yes, Ateneo was the answer. With Ateneo, I could achieve the things I’ve always wanted, and in a fun way as well. You see I’ve always loved Ateneo. I’ve been living here at Katipunan for 10 years, and the it’s colours of blue and white rubbed on me. I’ve seen the college life there up close. And I wanted that. It was amazingly wonderful. I really really wanted to get into Ateneo and make something out of myself. I wanted to prove to no one else but myself, that I can do better, be anything my mind could ever achieve. And so I studied. I studied so hard I would get headaches. I studied from morning till night. And not only that, I took the test with confidence. I felt great whilst taking the ACET. After the ACET, I felt satisfied. DLSU however, I barely studied for that test. And yet I got in :|

Now here’s my stupid logic.

After a long time.. I wanted to pick myself up and make something of myself, and Ateneo was step one. I studied morning till night. I even wished on 11:11 every night! But I passed DLSU and I barely studied??? I mean, that’s fucking unfair isn’t it??? How the fuck did that happen?? I mean wanted to fix my fucked up life!! I fucking studied to death for the ACET!! It’s like they’re telling me not to try at all cause I’ll get nowhere no matter how hard I try :| DLSU, I believe was just a fluke…. I mean what fucked up retard would want to study Philosophy in DLSU??? If you wanted to study Philo you would rather go to U.P. or Ateneo right?? So there.. all the good things that happened to me were all just fucked up luck. If I try to make good things happen to me for good reasons (like purposely fixing my fucked up life)… four words: fucking crash and burn.

But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up. In fact this pissed me off so much I’m gonna get through this and win. And I do, I’ll take my foot and shove it down “life’s” throat, stare squarely at it’s eyes and utter them words ‘fuck you’ and smile.

PS: don’t piss me off about Ateneo, or not passing Ateneo, or you’ll find yourself shitting between your teeth and vomiting through your asshole.

2 thoughts on “Fucked up logic

    1. I have no other choice but to go to DLSU. But I will transfer to Ateneo, even though I failed to get in doesn’t mean that it’s the end right?


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