I am so pissed off :|

I don’t have my keys. I don’t have connection to the internet.. I’m using my phone and my load on this. But I have to get this out of my system…

Saturday, we made plans on Saturday for Tuesday and I was excited, really, I was. I was excited for Tuesday and I was excited that I was about to finish Filipino and was especially excited that I’m a writer for another website. But then I keep forgetting that when good things happen, bad things follow.

The writer for another website thing was really cool. It goes to show that I am improving on my work and my skill as a writer. Looks like I’m finally closing up on my tech geek goal an that is to be a writer or journalist for a well known tech site like cnet or techcrunch. Then my editor asked me if I could do the review that he was suppose to do. Apparently he couldn’t do it cause he was too busy with patching up the site. So I took up the offer and made the review and I tested out the product, cause I needed that for my review. Then the most fucked up thing happened, 25 GB worth of files were deleted while I was trying it out :| can you believe that?! 25 fucking gigs worth down the drain in an instant! Anyway… I wrote a bad review obviously… Imma post the link to it soon once my editor finally puts it up.

Then later on I found out that there isn’t class on Monday. And I have the fact that they only tell me the day just before! I mean how fucked up is that huh?! Then I was afraid cause the next day was only for students who had schedules. So Tuesday came (which is today duh :)) ) and I ate chili con carne for breakfast.. Which was a bad bad idea cause it gave me this thing that felt like I was in a hang-over :| then I had to negotiate with my Filipino teacher into letting me take tests. But then I should in ask that other teacher and that other teacher said I should go ask my moderator :| what. the. fuck :| why an I being passed around like some fucking hot potato?! Just because I wasn’t informed on time about no classes on Monday thus giving me no time to set an appointment, doesn’t give you people the right to pass me around like an unwanted child! :| anyway… I got to take some tests. I say some cause I went to the clinic twice and vomited :|

The only thing that kept me going was that she and I were gonna do something fun. But then she said I had to wait for one p.m. and that was at 11 in the morning. I was sick and dizzy during that time, but I held through it all. Then when one o’clock came, she told she couldn’t go cause “the guy” might come :| I wasted two hours for nothing :| I could’ve left earlier so I could recover faster from this damn chili :| now I sick, tired and pissed. Pissed cause she changed her mind at the last minute and all my efforts of staying alive WERE FOR NOTHING :|


I don’t know what else to say.

But hopefully my mom comes home soon cause I don’t have the keys and I’m running low on lemonade in Xocolat.

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