A thorn in my foot

College college college, that’s all I hear nowadays. It’s truly sickening to hear that word, to think about it, to see it, I just fucking hate it. And the main reason is because I did not get in to the 1st trimester (that story is for another time) so every time I hear someone talk about college and how exciting and fun it’s gonna be, I just get this slap across my face. It fucking sucks to be in my shoes… To work so hard, to study like hell and in the end, I don’t get what I rightfully deserve. I know life is unfair, BUT THIS IS JUST PLAIN BULLSHIT. College college college…. I hate that word :| I wish I had some sort of automatic mute thing that would block out that word so I won’t have to hear it. But what’s worse than hearing about it is those fucking jackets :| Those university jackets are sort of like status symbols and it gives a person a sense of confidence and pride. And I just fucking hate it… Seriously, if given the chance, I would rip those university jackets, especially Ateneo’s, I would! And I’d burn it to the ground ’cause it’s just a fucking eyesore! It’s like a thorn in my eye!

I’m just sick and tired of hearing other people, friends talking about their soon to be exciting college life…

I am green with envy, and it’s rotting me to the core and hearing and reading about what my friends are gonna expect in college really isn’t helping.

I have no right to say this, since you had nothing to do with my college-less life…

But who cares? (Not a rhetorical question)


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