A short thought on the Philippines

I don’t love the Philippines, but I don’t hate it either. Although I AM ashamed to call myself a Filipino (I always have) and this disgusting Filipino blood that flows through every inch of my body, I detest it. I don’t consider myself a Filipino and on good grounds.

I like the Philippines as a country, just the country. The landscapes, beaches and forests are amazing. The animals and all the little critters that scamper around that eat each other are fantastic. The Philippines is a beautiful country, no doubt about that. But then why do I only LIKE it (as a country)? Easy, I’ve seen better.

I LOATHE the Philippine Government. I hated it ever since I came here. I saw poverty, corruption, ect. ect. I mean, seriously, what type of government would let you vote an a college dropout action star as the President? Isn’t that just fucked up?

How can I love the Philippines if the people who govern it, SUCK? I’d rather take my chances with Canada.

And another note, I just read this amazing article by Daniel Wagner. Here’s a snippet “If the Philippines wants to get its act together and live up to its potential, it needs to demand more of itself. It can achieve this by stopping making excuses for its failures and ending its acceptance of the lowest common denominator. President Aquino promised to put an end to nepotism and corruption in government. The people should make sure he does this. When the police screw up a hostage rescue, the people responsible should be fired. And when a beauty queen blows an attempt to become the glory of the Philippine people, it should be recognized as such.” That’s just a part of it, read (I’m not asking you to read it, I’M TELLING YOU TO READ IT) and hopefully, you Filipinos get hurt. I’m not, cause I’m with this guy. If you think I sound cocky, that’s your “Filipino pride” talking.

Flame me, but you know that Daniel Wagner and I are right. RIGHT?

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