My last day in this house

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2 months, 3 weeks and a couple of days ago, the owner of the house that we’re living in now said that we have 3 months left to live in this house. 3 months. Wait… Have I blogged about this already? Anyway…

Fast forward to today, October 31, 2010. The last day

Moving to a smaller, worse house is not what I had in mind. In fact it’s what my father had in mind. He planned all this. He didn’t care that the house that my mother and I would live in such a house. He didn’t care that my mother and I already found the “perfect” house, just for the two of us. All he cares about is saving his own tail. He doesn’t want to break the law, so as long as we’re physically comfortable with a roof over our heads, it’s fine for him. He doesn’t care about our emotional, mental state. He said it so himself when I asked “You don’t want us to be mentally and emotionally stable? You just want us to be ‘physically comfortable’?” “I want you to be physically comfortable”. That’s what he said alright… he doesn’t care about our thoughts or how we feel about this. He always wants it his way. How fucking dare he. After he left, leaving us in such a state of shock and distress, he still dares to be the “man” of the family? BULLSHIT.


I think half of the stuff, or more than half of it is already in the other house… I’m seriously gonna miss this house. To my parents this was just a house. For me, this is my home. Imagine waking up in the morning, your mother telling you that you’re being evicted from your home… it’s unimaginable… We’ve transferred (houses) a lot in the past, but we never stayed at a house for that long. I’ve lived in this home for more than a decade. Surely enough, I’ve developed a sort of emotional attachment to it. I really love it here. I’m gonna miss it….

I’m not letting my father get away with his conniving agendas. I told my mother to consult with my professor. I told her that we could get everything, and I mean everything since my Prof. in POLSCI presented a case that he once did in class. I know some stuff about my father that my mother doesn’t know and I’m pretty sure she knows some stuff that I don’t know.

If my mother won’t bring this case to court, I will. I’ll charge my father. It sounds hard to do, I’m pretty sure it’s a hundred times harder to actually do. But I will do it.

Not only is this moving/house owning/father problem a big problem, it’s also affecting my studying (and papers) FOR MY MIDTERMS. How can I study when all of this shit is happening around me, to me??  I can’t even think straight when my father is around, I swear I feel like punching his annoying face, but no, the bastard’s not even worth caring for. Heck he doesn’t care about what we think or what we feel!

I swear, ever since the break up, my life has been spiraling down. I try to make my life better, but unsuspecting, unfair events just keep getting in the way. WHAT’S SO WRONG ABOUT A MAN TRYING TO MAKE HIS LIFE BETTER FOR HIM AND HIS MOTHER! I swear, if there was a ‘God‘ he could’ve AT LEAST given me a heads up about it.

Wish me luck on this, ’cause I seriously need it. Or you could give me 3.7 million pesos, then our house problem would be solved.

I will forever hate my father for this.

I really will.

7 thoughts on “My last day in this house

  1. yer such a drama queen, yknow? suing yer father is soo trying hard. next time i come upon an interesting blog name, i’ll look at the profile picture of the prson and judge them. hahaha!!!1!1


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