Jose Rizal talks to Pro-life people about the RH BILL; so do I

We all know about the argument in Philippines, about the RH BILL and the Pro-Life people. In my opinion, they are a bunch of indoctrinated fools who know NOTHING about Pro-Life. Before I let Señor Jose Rizal speak from an excerpt of his letter to the Women of Malolos, I want to share my thoughts on what you Philippine Pro-Life people are doing wrong.

You talk about PRO-Life and yet there are thousands of people dying of sickness and starvation everyday. And what do you do? Those dying, suffering people don’t stand a chance against the elements but look where you are! You live under a roof, you sleep on a bed, you get the right amount of supplements everyday and YOU STILL COMPLAIN, WHILE THE PEOPLE YOU “PROTECT” ARE DYING?! PUTANG INA MO TALAGA!

You throw us your bullshit about Pro-Life this, Pro-Life that but you don’t even give the time to take a look at yourselves and see what you fools are doing wrong! In fact you’re not even doing anything at all!

When you bunch of failures actually go out, live up to your name and save people from curable diseases and hunger, then, just then, you might have the right to speak while upholding the name of PRO-LIFE.

Now my part is over… Jose Rizal talks about doing things in God‘s (it’s a proper noun for Christians, so I put it in a capital letter) name and how wrong it is when done in a blasphemous manner, obviously.

The deceiver is fond of using the saying that “It is presumptuous to rely on one’s own judgment,” but, in my opinion, it is more presumptuous for a person to put his judgment above that of the others and try to make it prevail over theirs. It is more presumptuous for a man to constitute himself into an idol and pretend to be in communication of thought with God; and it is more than presumptuous and even blasphemous for a person to attribute every movement of his lips to God, to represent every whim of his as the will of God, and to brand his own enemy as an enemy of God. Of course, we should not consult our own judgment alone, but hear the opinion of others before doing what may seem most reasonable to us. The wild man from the hills, if clad in a priest’s robes, remains a hillman and can only deceive the weak and ignorant. And, to make my argument more conclusive, just buy a priest’s robe as the Franciscans wear it and put it on a carabao, and you will be lucky if the carabao does not become lazy on account of the robe. But I will leave this subject to speak of something else.

Now I don’t know about you, but it sounds like you “Pro-Life” advocates act a lot like the friars back in the Spanish colonisation era. Now you may want to shout at me and scream “GET OUT! GET OUT YOU SATAN!” But then that would just prove my point even more.


What are you Pro-Life people gonna do?

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