My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About

Throughout the course of my time, I’ve been switching from one blogging site to another. Most of them, admittedly, have more diverse functions than WordPress. But to be honest, those functions simply destroy what it means to blog and to be a blogger. And because I have too much free time before my next class (Political Science. Our professor is so hot and he’s got the voice to match it as well :P ) I’ll blog my adventures during my adolescent years; rebelling against the norms and expressing them through writing.

My first ever “blog” (as far as I can remember) was During its time it was the most popular site for teen angst and attention seeking egoness-ness. I was pretty young and curious so I went and made an account. It was PRETTY DAMN BORING hahaha! So I never used it since the day I first signed up for it. The idea of “giving”/posting testimonials on someone’s page was uninteresting. It was a stupid idea to make that account. I hope closes, it’s a waste of sever space, I jest.

Years passed until I made another blog. It was during summer 2008 when I opened my site; I was pretty happy with it. allowed me to mold it to anything I wanted. I could install flash programs, music, videos, blogs, etc. It was an all around site with maximum customization. It was so good I opened up two more sites under my account. One reviewed everything anime/manga/figurines/etc. the other reviewed J-Music. But alas, I had to abandon it due to some personal issues huhuhu ;3;

After my emotional tantrum at I went to to let out my deepest emotional displeasure. I think only one or two people knew about my account there. Yeah… I loved my LiveJournal. I really felt comforted and safe somehow. It was like it understood how I felt. It’s blogging features were at a minimum, but at that time of my life, minimalism was what I needed. I loved the fact that it gave me a form to fill out at the end of each blog I made: mood, music, food, tv shows etc. I really loved my LiveJournal, it made me feel wanted and special all over again. Sadly I had to let it go. I had to move on from my unpleasant emotions and memories and the only way to do that was to, let go. But unlike my Multiply site, I gave her (my LiveJournal) a proper farewell. This is what I said:

Dear LJ,

How are you doing? It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not posting anything, in fact this will be the last post I’ll ever make. This shall be my formal good-bye to you.

We’ve had a great great run, you and I. It was short but I poured everything out on you, all that depression… I guess that’s why I stopped going back to you. The depression was killing me, it literally was. And it wasn’t good for me and for everyone around me. So I had to change for my sake. I couldn’t go back here because what I wrote was just too unbearable…

But I’m getting better! I’m not there yet, I’m not in that state in where I once basked in the rays of good light.. not yet. I’m getting there, I’m getting there. I won’t delete you (duh), I love you too much for that. It’s just that, it’s just time for me to move on (funny, I wish I could say the same for myself, right right? lol)

I love you LJ

Who knows, maybe once I reach, found that peace and happiness again, I’ll come back and tell you about it! That’s a promise.

Good-bye for now

The Storyteller

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  • Music:Half in Love with Elizabeth by Mystery Jets

My name there was The Storyteller and the name of my blog was The stories of The Storyteller. Very cheesy hahaha!

After a while I tried blogging again with Tumblr. It was a refreshing approach to blogging. It was also the easiest way to blog. All you had to do was to follow some people, who followed some people, who followed some people and so on and so on. If by any chance you feel like “re-blogging” something that fit your fancy, it was just a click away. One thing I love about Tumblr was that it always has impressive photos, philosophical lines and most of all, it has this uncanny way of repelling unwanted/useless people. You know, those people who would go to a site, infect it, tarnish it, claim it “their own” and changing the whole purpose of the site. I’ve seen this happen (take FB for example).

Back then though there was this thing called ‘tumbalrity’ it was a pretty useless thing. It was like ‘karma’ in Plurk but without the perks. A lot of people stopped using Tumblr because of this, I however just went on hiatus. But once my social life went kinda back on track, and when the Tumblr R&D team decided to pull the plug on ‘tumblarity’, I haven’t stopped using it since then. I’ve even made another ‘tumblog’ that more people follow than my main tumblog  I don’t think I’ll ever stop using Tumblr, ’cause everyday there’s something new on my dashboard. New ideas, new hope, new life.

After some time tumblring (and facebooking) I decided to see what the fuss was about in Twitter. Twitter is first and far most a micro-blogging site. Having this would be a major help for me since it really isn’t ideal to keep on blogging every other minute or hour. I keep this site so that people know what I do. Why? ‘Cause I really don’t interact with people online, so micro-blogging compensates for that.

I was getting kinda bored with twitter ’cause no one really followed me (oh, lonely me). So I looked for another alternative to this micro-blogging phenomena where most of my friends were. Lo-and-behold Plurk! Plurk was awesome ’cause you could directly post a comment on that person’s post. Unlike in twitter where you had to post a response, taking up more space on your timeline. And the timeline in Plurk is just awesome! You can easily see your friend’s post and it’s easily accessible as well. The Karma was kinda fun too. It kept me Plurking ’cause I got perks with higher Karma.

So twitter was my “on-the-go” micro-blogging and Plurk was my personal one. I post my emotional distresses and breakthroughs there, unfortunately it isn’t open to the public :P

After some time of not having a ‘traditional’ blog, I turned myself to blogger “Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video.” Buuuuuuuut I was so confused with the customization and outline etc. of making the site. It was just very confusing for me :\ so I abandoned it, like always :))

And now, I’ve landed here.

Here’s a partly funny story. Before I got to make an account for blogger, I tried making a WordPress account. The problem was, I was at hahaha! So you could imagine the distress and disappoint I felt when I read the instructions. I avoided WordPress since then until my friend told me that I was such an idiot and said that there was another WordPress site that provides free blogs *face-palm*

I’ve never stopped using WordPress since :D I love the UI in the dashboard. It’s so simple and elegant. I especially love the ‘Add New Post’ page. It doesn’t feel cheap, it definitely doesn’t look cheap. It gives all the word editing ability any blogger could ever want in their arsenal: posting tags, recommendations to other sites and links had never been easier for me.

Uploading media to a post is also quite simple and I never had a difficulty during my first few minutes. Even while making this post, WordPress is giving superb efficiency and ease. But of course, things are never perfect in this imperfect paradise.

There are some things I don’t like about, like the lack of themes and the incapability to add a custom themes to blogs. Although I can understand for their very tight security, but still, it would be very nice to have an extensive archive of themes.

Another would be the lack of adding ‘gadgets’ to the site. There are plenty of exciting gadgets out there from other websites but won’t let them have a go on their servers. This is of course due to their very tight security, again. But mainly my problem is the themes.

There is an astounding lack of themes to choose from and sometimes I wonder if I should switch back to blogger ’cause it’s like but open-platform and all that. But no… it’s just so damn confusing. Plus there are plenty of professional websites out there that use WordPress. Digital Rev, one of my favorite photography sites, uses Plus, if I wanted to upgrade my blog, it would be very simple to do. I’ll be sticking to for quite some time, until another better blogging site with better UI comes along :P

Take my word for it, if you love to write, blog and all that jazz, is the best site to do it in :D it’s never let me down (they’ve got superb spam filters too)

Written on December 2010

Edited (FINALLY) on June 2011

2 thoughts on “My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About

  1. You are certainly a blogger if there ever was! Reading this post is like a micro history of blogging … wonder if some of these sites that you mention still exist?

    I am currently experimenting with Blogger for my other music based blog … let’s see how the two of them stack up.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! All of these blogs are still in active up till now, though some of them have already past their prime and are heading downhill unfortunately.

      Most of the music blogs I see online are from Blogger, because it offers much more flexibility than The two platforms are great for setting up a blog, it’s just how one utilizes the tools that are presented before him/her.

      Good luck on your blog! And thank you for dropping by!


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