I hate poor people (part 1)

There is a significant amount of the impoverished on the streets of Manila. And in the 10+ years of living here, I’ve come to notice these annoying aspects of the poor. Hopefully I can remember what they were (this blog entry was supposed to be composed over a month ago :)) )

So here are some of them

They have the guts to discriminate against the middle class and above.

I don’t understand why these people hate people who have money. Yeah sure, call it jealousy or whatever you wanna sugarcoat it with, in the end it’s damn stupid. You think Henry Sy was born into a rich family? No! He had to work hard to get his ass off the curb and into a velvet chair. He didn’t pray to God, he didn’t put his luck on lottery, he didn’t depend on charity. He worked. Now these poor people who haven’t even gotten any work at all go about going “Putang inang mga mayaman na yan! Ang dami dami nilang pera, tapos ginagastos lang nila sa mga kotse at alahas! Hindi nakakabusog yun! Kung ganun lang sila, edi ibigay nalang yung pera sa amin noh!” (Those rich bastards! They’ve got so much cash and all they spend it on are cars and jewellery! That doesn’t fill your stomach! If that’s how they are, then it’s better to just give us the money!) Now where’s the logic in that? People spend money because they want to reward themselves for the work they’ve done. Now I’ve proved that a number of the poor are lazy AND selfish. What an interesting characteristic.

“You’ve got money/assets/stuff, so give us more.”

Another thing I find annoying is that they always seem to expect something from people with money. And they expect more from their expectations. I know this sounds harsh, but they hope too much and they aim too high. Maybe it’s because they’re sick and tired of being on the charity wagon, I dunno. But it isn’t the obligation and responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor. Lower your expectations, that’s what I say. Plus if the poor just sit idly, waiting for something good to happen, it most likely won’t happen. A lot of poor people put their money on lottery, but funny thing is, the person who won the PHP700+M (16.66+ million US dollars ) is a Balikbayan (a Filipino who works abroad, then comes back to the Philippines for a visit or vacation. Balik=come back, bayan=country/nation/town). Isn’t that wonderful?! The person who works really hard for him/herself and for his/her family is the one that won the lottery! And not those sniveling poor people who think they’ve got life figured out. No no no. That would never happen.

“I’m poor! Cut me some slack, will ya?!”

This is probably one of the most annoying aspects they have because they use their own state of poverty as an excuse not to work. Basically, they’re saying that they’re too poor to work. Now that’s bullshit! I’ve seen “parents” forcing their children to work, they beg on the streets and rummage garbage. Most of them start working at 5 years old! Then they say that they’re too poor to work!? WHAT THE FUCK!? In fact, I remember this one particular beggar who’s lost both of his eyes, yet he still manages and still finds the effort to get down on his knees and ask for spare change. Now there’s something to ponder on.

Poor parents (with or without education) tend to teach their kids the wrong stuff.

Now I know what you’re thinking… All these things that I’m stating are just personal experiences, encounters and observations, I’m sure somewhere out there-there is a decent family with good moral grounds, but that’s rare to come-by nowadays. So anyway.

I see street kids doing crazy stuff that shouldn’t even be done at your own home. A few days back, my classmates and I were off to a charity thing that DLSU (De La Salle University, it’s where I study) assigned us to. On way there we see this group of teenagers trying to have sex in the middle of the highway (there was a concrete island, that’s where they were) Everyone in the jeepney was shocked and disgusted when they saw this. I had the same reaction, plus I found it hilarious. I find pure stupidity hilarious. But I was much more disgusted with what I was seeing. All of these actions of lust could be traced back to their elders. Whatever they see in their community as they grew up, they too would copy it. The same goes for their elders when they were younger. It’s a never-ending cycle of sex on the streets and drugs on the curb. Sure they may have been educated on the matter of family planning (but most unlikely, I doubt our government would have the budget for ‘family planning orientations’ in public schools) but it seems like they don’t give a shit about their future or themselves. The Philippines is considered to be the Rome of Asia, because it’s heavily populated by Christians. But then, these kids who tried to pull a fast one on the middle of the road… what does religion mean to them? As I said, they just don’t care anymore. And I think that’s one thing they got from their elders, ‘the ability to not give a fuck about anything’. That’s quite dangerous.

Another thing about poor parents, they just don’t seem to learn the past mistakes that were committed over and over. One huge problem here in the Philippines is overpopulation. Poor families, as we all know, have 5-10+ children. What I don’t understand is, both parents know that they are poor, they have no money to support themselves let alone a family. Yet they still find a way to fuck like rabbits and reproduce like pigs (pigs give birth to a huge number of piglets, as we all know) Having grown up in a poor community, couldn’t they see that a large family doesn’t necessarily mean, more hands in work equals more money? They seem to forget that those kids with hands who do all the work have to eat as well. So all the money just goes to a small amount of food, for surely the father or mother would try his/her luck in gambling or lottery. Such incompetence. If these “parents” won’t learn from their mistakes and teach their kids about how wrong it is or what wrong is, there is a very high probability that their children would commit the same mistake. This is also another never-ending cycle, an endless cycle of idiocy. I don’t just blame the “parents”, I blame the kids for following their “advice” and taking to their example. Just because they’re poor doesn’t mean that they should just go with the flow. Take initiative for crying out loud! But no, they’re “too poor” to work.

Hmmm I guess that’s it for now, it seems I wrote too long :| There shall be a 2nd part to this.. when I remember the rest :))

At any rate… These are just based on my experiences, encounters and observations. Obviously, not all poor people are like how I stated above. My professor in Filipino history was also brought up in a poor family but he graduated from the University of the Philippines, Manila with a PHD (in something, forgot…) His credentials would never let you have guessed that he worked as a scrap collector when he was a kid. Yet he chose NOT to be like the typical poor Filipino, he chose to excel all expectations. My professor’s name? Dr. Luis C. Dery. Sound familiar? Well look up his brother’s name, Floro Dery.


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