What Happened to… “Us”?

I’ve always loved reading. When I was a small child (there are large children too, mind you) I kept reading story books in my school library. I was fascinated by these paper bounded wonders that contained a whole new world. Imagine that, with just a few hundred pages, you’ll be transported to a magical dimension of dragons and wizards! I’ve always loved reading those sort of stories, I loved how it always triggered my imagination. From one minute a spaceman, the next, a pirate. Most of the time I would stay up late trying to finish the stories my father would read to me. I’d build a little Indian tepee with my duvet and make a little campfire with my Mickey Mouse flashlight! Then I’d read and read until I fell asleep.. or until my parents found me out hahaha! One of my favourite books I read was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. It’s a fantastic story for children. But as I grew older, my preference for books changed and so did my interest for passing my time.. Those were sad days…

When we finally got subscription for cable T.V. (back in the 90s, this was the “in thing”), everything changed… These moving pictures with colors and sound captured me. I was never the same after that. I never picked up another book because all I had to do was sit, watch and listen. I didn’t even need to use my imagine anymore.. The television did that for me. The last book I read was J.K.R.’s ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets‘. Then, my love for reading completely stopped, I was 13.

From then until now my life was filled with television, video games (I used to love playing board games), and the Internet. I’ve always tried getting back to books, but then it would just never work. I would buy a book that I know I’d love, but then never finish it. In fact the only book that I finished was “Castaways from the Flying Dutchman” by James Brian Jacques, the story was totally awesome for boys my age then and I really had nothing to do hahaha! (yeah I know, I kinda contradicted myself there from what I said earlier)

Now that I’m in college, I gotta rethink what I need. I’ve already read close to three novels worth of articles, notes, essays etc. in one trimester. And to be honest, it’s really tiring… A professor told us that we need to learn how to read long articles & etc. I told myself, I could do that! I mean I read ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone‘ thrice! So I CAN do that! Then I thought.. how DO I get my love for reading back? I can’t just buy a book, force myself to read it then hope for the best. I gotta do something different, something modern, something interesting. And as always, the Internet provided the answer.

Ever since the kick off of ‘Project Gutenberg‘ in 1971, the e-book industry has steadily been gaining popularity. Though it wasn’t until the launch of the ‘Kindle‘ by Amazon back in 2007 that e-book has earned its credibility we know today. So yeah, I’m going to buy a Kindle to feed my love for reading :D

And congratulations to you, dear reader! For reading an entire blog just to find out that I was gonna buy a Kindle to feed my love for reading hahaha! To be honest, the original blog entry was supposed to be about a comparison between e-readers and physical books. BUT, it needed a formal introduction, and thus this came into fruition :D

And yes, I’m still going to do the comparisons between the said two. I’ve researched on it a lot and hopefully it will help people, who love to read, on deciding whether or not to get an E-reader. It’s gonna be gooooooooooood :D

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