How I Put Up With My Weekly University Torture…

We have this thing our university called The Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) under the National Service Training Program the government established in 2001.  So what we do basically is going to an economically depressed area and help them out. We gain experience and understanding with what they go through in their lives; we try to take some of that load off their shoulders. We do that for 8 weeks, then we never get to see them again. Which is a good thing for me.

There are two courses under NSTP, one is the said above and the other is ROTC. We all know that one. I didn’t join ROTC because I didn’t like to be a dog on a leash with a biscuit upon my nose. Plus, I have very strong opposing opinions on Military hair cuts and uniforms. The idea of stripping everyone of their unique identity as unique individuals and turning them into soulless clones of the Military. I don’t really care if I get to serve my country. If I don’t serve myself first before anyone and everyone, I would never taste the sweet fruits I’ve worked so hard to search for.

I hate both courses of NSTP, but I wouldn’t be able to graduate if I don’t finish one of the two. So I chose the one of lesser evil. Now, I’m expected to travel 10 miles from my university to our assigned area every week. Not only that, I have to wake up 5 A.M. every SATURDAY just to travel to my university. It is insane. But what really sets me off is that I have to mingle with the poor. I really, really, really, REALLY do not like the poor. Not only are they physically dirty, but their minds as well. Their ideas, concepts on life, religion, opinions on politics… it’s completely revolting. I could tolerate watching from a certain distance, but to actually go up to the kids and adults; hold their hands in games and prayers. Shit, man… During the consultation day on this program, I voluntarily made myself the photographer. That way, I still could contribute to the work without actually being in physical contact.

Our professor for this course said “Don’t complain when you’re there with them.. just tolerate it. When we all get on the jeepneys, then you can curse all you want.” Well I’m taking his advice now. I really fucking hate being with those people. I really do not like charity work. I’ve been doing it for more than half my life and I still abhor it. But it’s not just me who hates it, there are people in my section that hate it too. I can see it in their eyes that they would rather sip tea and eat cake in patio then comfort the poor.

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