Damn! I’m too Damn Busy!

I’ve been very busy for the past week because of all our midterm papers :| As we speak, I am doing one now. I’m having my break/dinner/blogging time, that’s why I’m here :D But I won’t be here all the time… I have 4 midterm papers to pass… and I’m only halfway done with one :| Anywhoooo… I’ve been acquiring a ton of OSTs from the list of Oscar nominations and winners. I think it’s because I study easier when I listen to classical music, but I don’t think Fantastic Mr. Fox is a classical score hahaha! At any rate… Oh! I’ve finally fallen in love… with Ragtime :P Look it up, it’ll surprise you. You’ll go “OOOOH, so that’s what it’s called” or not, depends if you listen to crap or not.

I hope I can finish my midterm papers soon. I’ve got some good drafts waiting to be finished :(

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