A Favourite Japanese Restaurant has Disappointed Me

There’s this Japanese resto at Eastwood Mall Libis that I really, really, really love. So far I’ve only eaten there thrice, but after the third time, I decided not to go there anymore. So here’s a letter to my former fav Jap resto:

Dear Ramen Bar,

I fell in love with your ramen on the very first day you opened. Your “RBS #1” ramen really was the #1 ramen. Its soup was nice and thick and rich in taste. The meats were numerous and mouth-watering. The noodles were cooked to perfection. It was, for me the best ramen I ever had.

But, after a few months away from you, I decided to visit you on my 20th birthday. O’ how much you’ve changed. The soup was very transparent, they taste disappeared. It almost tasted like ‘instant soup‘. The meat number was cut in half, that was very disappointing. And the noodles were not as plenty as before.

Previously, I would be so full and satisfied with your food. Now, I find it dissatisfying and disgusting. It was water that had a taste of ramen soup in it.

Please, get back on track. Think about good food, not the money.

I hope you read this Ramen Bar; I really want you to win me back. But for now, ciao.

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