Why am I in College? || Some advice for college students!!! (Seriously.)

Most if not all  college students get asked the question “Why are you in college?”. Normally our response would be:

  • A. Get a good job
  • B. Make a lotta money (aka get a good job)
  • C. To find meaning in life (???)
  • D. I have no idea
  • E. ALL OF THE Above
  • These answers would be pretty normal if you didn’t know what you wanted, what you truly and authentically wanted. Socrates gave some really good advice to people whilst he was still alive: “KNOW THYSELF”. Two words, just two damn simple words and yet our response is kinda like “Psshhh, I know ma’self bro/dog/dude/wha’ever!” That does not sound real assuring. Almost all my friends go to college in hopes for some big cash once they (hopefully) land a good job [oooh, found a new topic for another blog entry]. Their degrees are like: accounting, nursing, engineering, marketing & etc. I’m so not like that. Although, I almost forgot why got into college in the first place. Because at one point we just had so many papers (I still have 4 final papers due within two weeks plus Finals Week 2 weeks from now) and exams to write and study for.

    When I applied for De La Salle University – Manila, they gave me 4 choices for degrees I would want to take. The first choice I put there was ‘advertising’-something.. I can’t remember. The second was Philosophy; the third and fourth… don’t remember, must’ve been some other business degree. I obviously got my second choice, which is what I wanted in the first place. The other three were what my mother wanted LOL. Although the first choice was kinda nice ’cause you’d have to deal with media, and there was a course for a whole trimester on photography. But that wasn’t enough to convince me to conform with the lifestyles of these mere mediocre mortals (that’s my Philosopher professor talking. HI MISS VELASCO! :D ).

    When my friend asked my “Why are you taking Philosophy? There’s no money in that! And it’s not practical for you to be paying around Php60,000+ (USD1,300+) per each trimester!”. I had to agree with his latter statement because of the situation I am in now, although I contradict his first. The reason why I got Philosophy as my degree, more important, into college/university is because I wanted to learn.

    If you’ve been reading my blog (which I highly doubt HAHAHA) ever since I first put it up, I’ve been ranting how much I’ve wasted my 6 years during high-school and mind you, “normally” Filipinos would graduate into college at the age of 15 to 17. I got in at 19 (I’m 20 now, hurrah.). And that 6 years wasted is the reason why I got into Philosophy and into a university. (PS. when I say “I wasted my life” I mean fucking mean WASTED MY LIFE. Just wanna put emphasis is all)

    So I told my friend “For six years in high-school I wasted my life. SIX YEARS. The reason why I’m here is to hopefully get back what I lost in those six years: Knowledge. I want to learn about life, not in the way I learnt it during those six years. I want to know about Trueness and real Knowledge. I finally want to really learn something. I’m here in college, in a university to learn. I am not here to get a job, I am not here to earn money. My intentions are far greater than this earthly desire for wealth.” ALTHOUGH. My friend in the end was right. In the circumstances that I am in now, taking up Philosophy isn’t recommendable.

    So I told my friend again “I know you’re right, I saw this coming ever since my parents separated. But for now, just for now, I want to learn as much as I can, then I’ll shift to European Studies (sweet). Philosophy can wait, it’ll always be there, waiting for the opportunity to ‘corrupt the minds of the youth’ “.

    I’ve learned a lot about life in DLSU. What I would learn in one trimester, I would learn for a year in the ‘real world’. At least I know what I want, but I’m still in the process of knowing thyself. I suggest you do the same before you haul yourself in that grey cubicle in the corner, working 25 hours a day and 8 days a week.

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