I Know how Qatar Gets More Filipinos to Work for Them!

Now everything you’re about to read is all hypothetical, BUT if I were Qatar, this is what I would do.

Everybody in the Philippines knows about the 3 Filipinos in China that were executed for being drug mules. Now whether or not that should’ve happen is none of my concern now, but I’m glad that China did what they did. And so almost everyone here in the Philippines seem to be hatin’ on China for killing their “countrymen” but in fact, the Filipinos can’t see past their own nose. Drugs kill more people than government executions!Ugh… these Filipinos… well that isn’t my concern now. My concern is how Qatar is reacting to this situation.

A couple of minutes ago, I was watching my local news and there were a couple of things that took my interest: A lady with a rare skin disease, Thia’s elimination from American Idol, a 130+ pound 3 year-old Chinese baby and Qatar’s decision release 25 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from prison (news video is in Filipino). The last was the most disturbing.

In light of China’s execution of the 3 Filipinos, it seems extremely strange for Qatar to be releasing 25 OFWs on the same week of what China did. And I THINK I know why. The Filipino people are, and have always been greatly known in the international market as overseas workers. Many of our people would seek greener pastures in other countries to provide for their families that still live here in the Philippines; China and Qatar are some of these greener pastures. But China now has become sort of an unspoken Red Zone for the OFWs, and Qatar takes advantage of this.

Qatar made a good move in “advertising” that their country is a great place to work at. Releasing 25 OFWs was that good “advertisement”. Qatar showed “good fate” towards the Philippines and its people, but what Filipinos don’t know is that Qatar’s agenda is ALWAYS business (when it comes to international relationships. What country would take advantage of such an opportunity? Take the Philippines for example, we always seem to be pushed around by these developed countries, anyway…). When Phil. Vice Pres. Binay visited Qatar for some reasons I’m indifferent to, Binay and Qatar spoke of things about the OFWs and Filipinos that were disconcerting.

In an article from the Manila Bulletin, they (Binay; Qatar) talk of how great the relationship is between them.

OFWs working in Qatar has gone down to about 160,000 from as high as more than 200,000 last year, after some workers had completed their contracts with construction companies.

Crown Prince Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, who also welcomed the Vice President and his small delegation at his offices in Amiri Diwan, said: “Filipinos are always welcome in Doha. Our doors are open to them. They are hard-working, disciplined, highly skilled and very professional, and they have become part of our culture.”

As you can see, the number of OFWs has decreased, so Qatar comes up with a brilliant idea to lure in more OFWs by saying, we are not like China and here are the 25 people to prove it. And if you read the entire article, the header goes as “Qatar hiring more Filipino workers”.

I can’t blame Qatar for their business move. They had to do it because they were losing workers, and it’s a fine move if I must say. Who I can blame though are the OFWs who can’t see that they’re just being played with. Surely enough the Philippine government MAY be aware of the issue I just presented, but hey.. why would they care? As long as the Filipino people and the Phil. gov’t get money, it’s all right to have no self-respect, it’s all right for other countries to push us around and have their way with us, it’s okay for the OFWs to be like prostitutes without them knowing that they are.

It’s all right.

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