I’ve Survived Through my Second Trimester at College

Last week, I told my friend I had ‘hell week’ for three weeks, if it went on to next week, it would be hell month.

And so it did :|

Never in my life have I made 5 Final Papers in 5 days :| (at most it would’ve been 3 papers in 5 days). And one of them was done on a type writer.. A TYPEWRITER I TELL YOU! Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture (I took it mainly to gloat hahahaha!)

It took me 3.5 hours to make five pages. FIVE PAGES :| It would usually take me one to two hours to make five pages on the computer. But no, our professor wanted our “reflection paper” to be typewritten 8-| I wasted so much paper just trying to get it kind of right… ugh…

Anyway… I’ve just got two more things to do before I’m finally free of my academe: argumentative video for the K-12 program and my last Final Paper, for Theology (which I’m “doing” now :P ). Wish me luck, ’cause I need it :|

P.S. a little game change in my style of blogging. It’s kinda refreshing to see something new now and then.

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