I “Know” How American Idol Makes “Dirty” Money

We all watch American Idol, yes? Well who on earth doesn’t? You’d be living under a rock if you didn’t (which I find totally doable by the way). So we all know of last weeks elimination on AI, and I have to say I am devastated. Watch this video first, then we can move on:

Now how on earth did she get eliminated? What the heck just happened? I can tell you. It’s called show BUSINESS. The “MAN” of AI controls whatever will happen in AI. They  say your vote counts but in reality it doesn’t. They just need your vote because it’s the only way to produce such a huge amount of money. But there’s a funny thing about handling a large amount of money.. it gets to you. The “MAN” wants more money, so what does he do? He eliminates a sure safe performer. This stirs up more commotion and commotion makes for good television.

If that was the “MAN’S” intention, I say kudos to you for being a good business man, but burn in hell for killing a person’s dream. Who knows, they might’ve actually bribed Pia into throwing away her vote or maybe they’re just heartless bastards.

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