Japanese Buffet and Sueño de Espadrilles, a Great Way to Spend My Mother’s Birthday

Today was my mother’s nth birthday (I apparently do not know my mother’s true age) and we sorta just went out for celebration. First stop (and the only stop) was The Podium, which was kinda strange since we would always go somewhere far for my mother’s birthday. Although just being a city-drive away is just fine for me. Our initial plans were to buy some stuff from this Portuguese deli store then go somewhere else, but my mother remembered that there was an Espadrilles boutique so we went there and looked about. I found out when there that Espadrilles is just a name of the shoe but there are plenty of companies that make it. The particular store that we went to was Sueño de Espadrilles, here’s  video of them:

And here’s the photo shoot (hopefully it works; here’s a link if it doesn’t I suggest you click it)


And here’s what I bought :D

I love them sooooooooo much <3 they’re the second comfiest pair of shoes I’ve ever had (first being Sanuk). I won’t be wearing them going to school though ’cause I commute a lot and I fear that I may damage them to soon. But I’d probably keep them in a locker just so I could wear them at school :D

We got hungry so we went to Yakimix, a smokeless grill Japanese (Korean and Cantonese(?) ) buffet. We had so much food @.@

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

‘Twas an awesome celebration :D

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