Five Ways to Win My Heart (30 Day Challenge, day 1)

To be honest, the first challenge is very vague to me.. I don’t know if it’s asking me on ACTUALLY WAYS/ACTIONS or just plain ol’ characteristics that tickle my fancy. So whatever.

1. Plato says “Know Thyself”: I want someone who knows truly herself and she isn’t afraid to be herself. But of course being a “Philosopher” I would like someone who is authentic. Authentic meaning she doesn’t wear a mask, just to put it simply. I hate conformity, it sickens me. I love someone who really knows what they truly need and want. I love someone who knows who they are and what they are capable of. So first way to win my heart, KNOW YOURSELF.

2. Imagination, creativity and boldness, don’t be afraid to show these three. I’ve always been an extremely imaginative person, just like everyone else. But what sets me apart from the boring, I-have-imagination-too kind of people is that I can express it into something that can be perceived the 5 senses. Show me some creativity, something that can wow me!

3. Be patient with me. I’m extremely susceptible to emotions, especially depression. More so that it’s dreadfully contagious, but in an extremely bad way. I get extremely annoying when I get depressed and may hurt myself in the process. I can be a bitch, but do now that I’m trying to change. Rome was not built in a day…

4. Tell me when I’m wrong. I’ve never really had a good childhood nor a good teen life, so I never really learned much hence I might act like I know but in reality I don’t know. I may seem like I know a lot about women, but I really don’t. I try to listen to my girl friends to learn more about how women really are and I hope that information would suffice.

5. Love me truly. No description needed.

The 30 Day Challenge LINK (fixed)

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