Something I Feel Strongly About (30 Day Challenge, day 2)

One thing I’ve always felt strongly about was the implementation of Philosophical subjects/classes in the last years of Basic Education. Ever since I entered High School, I’ve been questioning the existence of God, just like all atheists would do. But I knew that I would need someone to teach me more about it; I wanted to learn more and fast. The only teacher back then was myself. I would isolate myself for hours, contemplating and philosophising about EVERYTHING. Then from God, I slowly shifted to the self of man. All this happened before I got into college. But thing is, not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have such an extremely curious and daring mind. As early as 14 years old, I already knew the importance of philosophy, especially towards the students. Philosophy (and Critical Thinking) would open up a whole new level of thinking and understanding for these fresh minds. Since the Philippines only has 10 of Basic Education, philosophy would help mature the minds of these kids. I remember the first time when my friend said that he had become an atheist too because he saw what I meant (and at the same time something terrible happened which led him to understand what I was trying to say), I felt really happy. And he looked happier the coming years after. The feeling of actually helping someone improve their life, it’s really something.

But I’m not an atheist now. I realised that there would be no end in the battle of the existence of the supernatural divinity. I realised that life is too short to live, so why bother myself with such trivial matters. God? No God? Life’s more important than that! That’s why now, I’m practising Buddhism. I’m taking it slow, I’m not in a rush. Because no matter how fast I go, Death will always be there at the finish line.

30 Day Challenge LINK

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