My Father and His Plan to Ruin My Future

So earlier today I tweeted something about my title of this article

The story goes like this.. I flunked out of my previous high school, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, and my parents were upset, obviously. My teachers (and I) knew that I was extremely smart, unfortunately I was extremely lazy as well. Hence, my grades on the subjects I hated (which at the time, were more than half of the curriculum) would exponentially drop. On the other hand, subjects I loved had high grades eg. Electronics. I was expelled for my lethargic behaviour and I knew I was in deep shit. I only had a year to go before I could go into college! But I fucked it up. So my parents and I were searching for a school that would take me in with my barely passing marks. LSM upped my grades so that I would be able to transfer to a “decent” school, but alas, my father did not see the opportunity that LSM gave me. He instead took matters into his own hands.

From what I could gather, I think these were his thoughts when I flunked out “This brat of mine is wasting all my money on good schooling, I’ll put him in a public school to teach him a lesson and at the same time I’ll be able to save some cash” Most typical for him to think that way. And so it happened, he found a public school with no teachers… your teachers were a bunch of computers with programs to teach what you needed to learn. WOW, such education! I’d definitely learn from that! Think about it, a cheap ass computer and a cheap ass program teaching you thermal dynamics and torque! AMAZING! I would have gladly said ‘yes’ if the tuition wasn’t so fucking cheap! 300php a year??? ($6.91+) What kind of “quality” education would I get from a bunch of public school teachers who VOLUNTEERED for this program???

That’s fucked up “dad”. You were seriously going to risk my future so that you could save a couple thousand dollars a year. That’s fucktastic I tell ya.

It’s a good thing my mother was on my side. She found a school that was accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). I graduated with honours, just like everyone else in my batch :)) It’s funny to think that the average academic standing in that school is around 90% (that like an ‘A-‘ or an ‘A’ in a report card, I think). And now I’m in one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, and I’m on the Honour Roll! All this was thanks to my mother who knew that I needed quality education.

So fuck you “dad” for almost ruining my future for a couple gran for your pocket t(-_-t)

PS I couldn’t use WordPress’ Twitter Blackbird Pie because my twitter account is set to private :/

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