Your Views on Mainstream Music (30 Day Challenge, day 6)

I could not wait for this day HAHAHA! I just have so much to say! But first, an educational musical video to introduce how I feel about mainstream music :D I suggest you wear earphones, there is a lot of profanity, you have been fairly warned :D

Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven

I detest mainstream music. Why? Well first off the lyrics sound like a bunch of 14 year-olds gathered for a slumber party, got high and “wrote” about the world/their experience. Another thing, it just sounds so fake and so similar to one another. There’s no uniqueness, no individuality.. it’s a clone one another with added deformity. I don’t really care much for their voices ’cause I know if their either autotuned or autotuned. But the one thing I hate most about mainstream is that it exists as a business industry and not as art. They attack the primal instincts of people through mainstream music, making them feel good hence they buy their “music”.

It’s fucking crap. It’s not music. IT’S NOT MUSIC. Read this line over and over till you get it through your mainstream skull.

Here’s that “awkward moment when an indie artist makes a cover that’s totally better than the original mainstream song”

7 thoughts on “Your Views on Mainstream Music (30 Day Challenge, day 6)

  1. I like them both. I don’t view either one as better. Like when Avril covered Adia. It had it’s own beauty. Maybe I’m too forgiving of art?


    1. It wouldn’t go well with his own cover. Gaga’s chorus sounds like something from Dance Dance Revolution


  2. Well it is his cover, he could very well change it.

    I had an idea. Mash-up. do not kill me for whatever mess I manage to create :))


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