How Important You Think Education Is (30 Day Challenge, day 9)

(My university at night, too bad you can only see half of it :(

So since I’m a university student, it just goes to show that I should know how important education is. And that god I do know. Ask people around about this importance of education and they’ll all say the same thing… it would be something about only knowing the importance, but not really caring much about it. When I was still in my high school years, I didn’t care much for it. I thought that it was useless because I could be making a ton of cash by creating a small business rather than waste it on something that I’ll just forget later on… But I was young and naïve for thinking of that! And thank goodness for that.

What separates us humans from the other species is our rationale mind. This mind of ours is the only thing that can keep us alive. We taught ourselves how to hunt and gather. How to travel in small packs because it was safer and more efficient than large amounts of people. We knew that we could grow more food and raise more animals if we stayed in one place. We invented things to help our daily living not a living hell eg. air conditioning. You see, without education we wouldn’t have the kind of living that we have now. Although, education today has greatly changed since the time of the first Homo sapiens sapiens.

Education today is now more important than ever. Not because we have bigger elephants to hunt, but because the world has become such an evil and terrible place (to most of us). A person must know have the credentials to run a company or to get a job. A person MUST KNOW a certain amount of information to get a good job and to get plenty of cash. Education is now everything, if you know nothing, then the world doesn’t need you. The world knows that there are other people who are more than willing to do the job that you’re doing. Education has now become a tool.

It is a tool for yourself and for your family and etc. Our minds are our greatest weapon. It’s just like what Odin said to Thor  in “Thor” – This hammer can either destroy or it can create.

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