Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First Ten Songs (30 Day Challenge, day 10)

  1. Prisoner\\ AYA\\ Flower in The Battlefield
  3. (My Sweet) Eden [Live]\\NICO Touches the Walls\\ビッグフット/BIGFOOT
  4. It’s So Hard For Me To Smile\\SOMETHING RIOT\\Feet Up Off The Ground
  5. An Open Letter To NYC\\Beastie Boys\\Beastie Boys Solid Gold Hits
  6. The Mezzanine\\Tomas Dvorak\\Machinarium Soundtrack
  7. piano sonata in B maj op posth 147 D575 allegro giusto\\Franz Peter Schubert\\The Piano Collection CD8
  8. Op. 19b No. 2 – Andante espressivo in A minor\\Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy\\The Piano Collection CD13
  9. Pistol Grip Pump\\Rage Against The Machine\\Best Of
  10. Cyndi…come back\\VELTPUNCH\\WHITE ALBUM

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