Before and After (One Hundred Posts Later)

I’ve been on WordPress since October 2009. I initially always wrote about my feelings and the struggles in my horrible life. I swear, I was extremely ’emo’ hahaha! I look back at what I’ve made… and well… boy was I young :P I never realized I was such a kid back then; I’ve been trying to prove my smarts to the world, trying to prove that I was smart/witty/clever/cunning enough to dissect the human mind (Philosophically wise). I was such a child and I apologise for my immaturity.. I’m still learning :P

After 100 blog posts on anything and everything I could think of at that particular moment, I think I kinda grew up from all that angst :P I really hope so. But I do feel like I’ve grown up, probably because I’ve met plenty of wonderful people, exchanged plenty of ideas.. anyway… I’m hoping to post a hundred more and I hope I grow even more so; then I’d look back at myself and probably say the same thing that I said to myself :P So thank you for reading my blog!

If you wanna read up on my first few posts, here are some: One thing I need, is the one thing no one can get, but me.    Capitulus unus: Par Muto

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