Weekend Getaway Before the School Year Starts!

at the beach (30 Day Challenge, day 14. What I wore)

Last Friday while I was out with a friend from school, I got a call from my friend (Martina) at school lol. She said “Are you doing anything tomorrow?” “Probably, why?” “You wanna go to Tali beach? It’ll be an overnight thing” “Uhhh…” I was extremely surprised hahaha! I mean that was just sooooooo last-minute, BUT I FREAKIN’, LOVED THE IDEA.

I needed the vacation… I worked my ass off for two terms and took PE summer courses (Mon-Sat 8AM-3PM) Yeah. Definitely needed the vacation. This was kinda like my treat to myself for going on the Honour Roll for two terms, so I had a personal mission to convince my mother that I had to take this weekend getaway that was gonna happen in 6 hours.

It took me 4 hours to convince my mother to set me free for 48 hours; she hated the idea so she only gave me $25 :| But I wasn’t gonna let money ruin my first real vacation  after 2 years.

I woke up at 3AM the next day and with only two hours of sleep, I was roaring to go. Unfortunately our neighbour decided to surround our car, so we got to Martina’s house 30 minutes later than the original meeting time.

They say that one of the best parts of the vacation/weekend getaway is the road-trip (assuming you took the road to get there). Stories, jokes, I-Spy and word games kept us entertained the entire trip.

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