Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex

Earlier today I went to school to pay for my tuition, then I did various errands with my mother. She left soon afterwards and I met up with a very close friend of mine, Julia (she’s a strange one hahaha!) I made her a promise that I would take her out and make it her day, but we had some change of plans along the way… so that just simply means that I have to take her out again :D Anyway, we went to a nearby mall called Robinson’s Manila (I think) to watch ‘On Stranger Tides’. The only available time was at 1:45PM and we had around 2 hours to kill. We walked around and stumbled upon an antique shop.

I told Julia “What are the chances that I find a Rolleiflex here?” “I dunno” she apathetically replied. So we went in anyway. I saw textiles, combs, old vinyl players and old toys. Then when I looked up on the shelves I saw a rack of old TLRs (twin lens reflex) cameras! My eyes were as wide as my gaping mouth. I was hoping that there was a Rolleiflex, there was none… BUT there was a Yashicaflex and a Ricohflex! One of the two costs $185 while the other cost $277. It’s a pretty good bargain considering I live in the Philippines (it’s hard to get these here) and it’s fully functional, so they say. When I asked “Do you have the technical specifications of the camera?” they replied “……..HA?” ugh… they should just give it to me instead of letting it rot in their shop.

So now I’m torn between which camera I should buy first: Holga, Diana F+, Ricohflex or Yashicaflex… any suggestions?

Julia, I hope you’re reading this :))

3 thoughts on “Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex

    1. I think that goes for all analogues on all film sizes. Do you have any photographs that you took with your Yashica Mat that I could look at?


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