Five Things I Lust After (30 Day Challenge, day 19)

If I get this… I can be my own barrista! I could then make cappuccinos to my liking! Plus, as you see above, it’s extremely easy to make espresso and it’s cheaper than those huge espresso making machines, like the ones you see in Starbucks. (link)

I’ve loved and known longboards longer than I have towards skateboards. Ever since I watched Lords of Dogtown, I fell in love with the longboard. My love strengthened even more when I discovered Original Skateboards in YouTube (they make their own longboards and travel around with them). The Malakai 40, above, is the perfect longboard for beginners. It gives absolute control and feels great for cruising. I’ve always wanted to try out snowboarding and surfing, but unfortunately we have a lack of snow-capped mountains and gnarly waves. (link)

I’ve always adored analogue cameras, and this particular one is on top of the list. Nothing much to talk about rather than, it takes clearer pictures compared to the Canon 5D Mkii with a 50mm L lens. Amazing isn’t it?

I obviously want this! The most power Macintosh is just to die for! It’s sleek, fast and powerful. Of course, I’d prefer it to be maxed out on specs and coupled with the LED Cinema Display. I was thinking of placing a MacBook Air or Pro in the list, but I’m happy with my MacBook. I probably wouldn’t leave my house if I had this.

I would trade my entire photography equipment for this lovely range-finder. The Leica M9 is a lovely piece of photography engineering and if I get this instead of the previous four in the list, I’m totally okay with it! That’s how great this camera is. (link)

It’ll probably take me 10 years to actually get all of these… but it’ll fly by fast, so I can’t wait

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