Where have I Gone?

I haven’t written anything for over a month now. I think it’s even been two. So where have I been?

Well to be honest I sort of lost my drive to blog, but I do have a reason. Some time ago I auditioned for a blogging contest entitled “Blogger Idol 2011”. In hopes of increasing my traffic and being an insta-star, I took a jab at it.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut because I wasn’t good enough of a writer. I’m not being a sour/sore loser, it’s the truth. The Top 12 that were chosen deserved to be, and they were really good writers. That really put a dent in my “pride”.

I tried finish the drafts I had saved, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ignore the fact that, I’m not a good writer :/ at any rate, this event was what initiated my absence.

Then as always, college took over my free time. I had so much stuff to do, so much stuff to read etc. At one point I thought of just stopping, like, indefinitely. But I didn’t want to, not after all the things I’ve gone through to get where I am now.

But yes, my life is filled with articles, papers and readings, this my friend is the life of a college student :| I (and two others) had to finish a paper so that the other people could make a video out of that paper. We wrote 5,887 words about the Libyan uprising in a span of two-and-a-half days…

The problem was, we don’t have just one thing to do.

Three midterms, three papers, one presentation, one video presentation and one speech in a span of less than 10 days (which was around 10 days ago). And they say Hell Week is at the end of the term.

Add to the fact that my phone and wallet were stolen three days ago. Forget about the phone, it’s the wallet I want. There was no money in it, but it had my ID, tickets to plays (expensive tickets) and letters from an ex-.

So here I am now, procrastinating when I’m suppose to be studying for my last midterm exam, Philosophy of a Person. Got around 100 pages to read, back-to-back.

If I die… blame college


4 thoughts on “Where have I Gone?

  1. Whenever we think we’re not good enough, we start to believe it. We shouldn’t. Keep writing, Patrick. I like what you write. And when I like what people write, it means they’re good writers. :)


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