Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 3): Heavy Bag

So this is me and my huge and heavy bag. A friend of mine told me once that, you can tell how a person lives just by looking at their bag and its contents. She told me that I lived really far away from school, and she was right.

Her reason for her assumption was: people who live far tend to bring more stuff than people who live near to avoid going back home to get something because that’s really inconvenient . And again, she was right.

I bring my notebook, books, papers, articles/readings and sometimes my MacBook, and I do this everyday (well, days on which I have a class, anyway). And it truly is tiresome since I commute… I even feel like I’m back in grade school :/

If I were in Ateneo, it wouldn’t be a problem for me, I’d have a really small bag or a big bag (if I were to bike going to class). And another huge benefit: no more back-aches, neck-aches and et cetera-aches.

And yes, the pain of my back due to heavy luggage IS RELATED to my hatred of DLSU-M

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 3): Heavy Bag

  1. I have one BIG question to ask, “If you so much hate DLSU, then why don’t you study or transfer to Ateneo?”

    Sorry (since I don’t want to come up as rude, and I don’t have any intention to be), but I guess, your answer would be just a bunch of excuses.

    If you don’t like the road you’re walking, don’t bother complaining, start paving another one. Complaining doesn’t take you anywhere. And the world wouldn’t change for you, even if you spill all your blood at the walls of DLSU because of so much hatred.


    1. I’m planning to transfer :) Does that answer your question?

      Although you say that you don’t want to come up as rude, it find it so. I hope you don’t find me rude. Although I can say that your assumption of me making ‘excuses’ is in your own perspective, because to me, they’re explanations.

      And yes, the world will never change for me, I’m not God.

      PS. this is part of a series, when the series is complete you’ll see that I’ve grouped them from, outside the walls of DLSU, inside DLSU then personal reasons.


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