Pictures, Pictures, Pictures… Easy Way to Get Readers

I’m quite mad at people who call themselves photographers. I can see that they obviously used Photoshop, they turn ugly pictures into some “pleasing”, the subject is horrible, they have no idea of the concept for rule-of-thirds. Lastly, I doubt they even know the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed; add to the equilibrium of the light meter.

But what sets me off is that they get 100s of views per post on the first day. Terrible… it sickens me. Then when I write a really insightful article about religion and Harry Potter, what do I get? Nine views, nine fucking views.

Then I realised that most of my readers hate to read, even if it is interesting.

So I’m going to do an experiment. Here’s my latest field-trip that I took with my awesome photography skills (lols).

(I love this grainy B&W)

If you’ve read everything, thank you. If you skipped my text and went on to the pictures… LEARN TO LOVE TO READ. Seriously…

PS. the experiment is “how many viewers do I get when I have my own pictures compared to an insightful blog”

PPS… My HDR is terrible, but then again HDR is ugly HAHAHA!

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