I’ve Gone Back To Loving Books And Here’s What I Want To Read

So as you may have read from the title, I’ve gone back to reading books, mostly fictional books, since it was with this genre I grew up with. But why now? Well, I say to you, why not now? It’s definitely better than ‘never’, right?

For the past few days, I’ve been going in and out of bookstores, looking for books that might interest me. I’ve also been recalling titles of books that I heard from the past (my past, not my past life). And here’s the list that I came up with. Along with some additions from friends :D

Got any suggestions?

The happiness project, Gretchen Rubin

One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Haruki Murakami – all his books I guess :P I’ve been researching as to which of his novels is the best one, apparently no one has one similar answer, which is good! That would mean that Murakami-san isn’t getting dull any time soon.

Let the great world spin, Colum McCann

the interview

Inherent vice, Thomas Pynchon

Haroun and the sea of stories, Salman Rushdie

Lord of the fliesWilliam Golding

I am number four, Pittacus Lore

Blindness, Jose Saramago

Kite runner, Khaled Hosseini

Water for elephants, Sara Gruen

Wicked, Gregory Maguire and the other books in the series

SOAW link

ALAM link

lastly Out of Oz

Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Penguin Classic. I’ve read many versions of these two great novels, mainly because these were required to read throughout your stay in high-school. But ever since I heard that our national hero’s two best novels had been bought by Penguin Classics, I had to read it.

These next books were suggested by my friends and an acquaintance. Though I doubt one of them because she buys books based on the cover art hahaha!

Hoot, Carl Hiaasen

Kira-Kira, Cynthia Kadohata

Boys who like boys by Vicente Groyon (could not find in the internet)

A doll’s house – Henrik Ibsen

Albert Camus’ The Stranger and The Plague

World war z and Zombie survival guide (latter is my choice), Max Brooks

Game of thrones, George R.R. Martin. Thea, a strange friend of mine that I hold dearly, suggested I read this book. I said “Are you insane?! Have you seen how thick it is?” the she goes “Yeah, I have it”. But she hasn’t read it yet hahaha!

Magnificence and other stories, Estrella Alfon (no link)

The virgin,  Kerima Polotan (no picture and link)

Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk

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