My First Post for 2012 – Dream Jobs are for Dreamers (part 1: Books)

Tomorrow, I’ll be having my job interview at my University. After some careful thought into what’s next to come in my career driven life, I have concluded that I will not be able to sustain and let alone thrive on my dream career/s. The Philippines is no place for people like me, who have something different to offer, to grow into something that people would find noteworthy. So what is/are this/these dream career/s? Let’s enumerate these:

Book reviewer (Check out this lovely home library here)

I have always loved reading books. It’s an amazing invention that humans have developed over the millenniums. Many people take for granted how amazing a book is because of the digital age that we live in. Even though I read books through my kindle, I still believe that eReaders and eBooks will never be able to replace a book’s essence. SO, back to the main topic lol. I want to be a book reviewer because I want to know how other people think, and I want to help them by giving my insight on how they can deliver their stories to their readers more effectively. Another main reason why I want to be a book reviewer is because I don’t want our children’s children’s so-on-and-so-forth to have books that we call “Literature” *coughtwilightcough*.

Aside from those two reasons, I also want to learn more things. What kind of things you ask? Well, anything and everything! There’s no such thing as knowing too much. In fact, I have two reading role models who support my claim. The first one is my very own National Hero, Dr. José Rizal. Ambeth Ocampo, an Opinion writer  in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, says:

Rizal listed over 2,000 books he either owned, borrowed, read, or consulted. These books form the furniture inside his mind. One could paraphrase the saying, ?Show me who your friends are and I will know who you are,? and turn it to ?Show me the books you read and I will know who you are.? (source)

Knowledge is great tool, and it’s also a very powerful weapon against those who strike the innocent. Rizal is the perfect example for he is the first ever recorded author in Asia or the world to have written a literary piece that resists against a foreign invader.

My second influence is Abbé Faria. According to the Count of Monte Cristo wiki character profile, he is an Italian, a prisoner of the Château d’If who instructs Edmond Dantès, the protagonist and a fellow prisoner, in a number of fields including mathematics, the sciences, and foreign languages, and eventually helps him to escape from the island prison. He also discloses to Dantès the whereabouts of a hoard of jewels at Monte Cristo, a small island near the Italian coast, before dying from a cataleptic seizure.

For the Abbé to know and achieve all that, he had to read a ton of books. If memory serves me right, the Abbé had a library of over 5,000 books.

Being a book reviewer means that I would get to read thousands of books from different influences. I see this as an elegant and artistic form of gaining knowledge of the world.

It is our responsibility to leave this world in a better state; if you don’t think it is, then you need some serious head trauma.

Now I have to go back to studying because my Ateneo College Entrance Exam is tomorrow HAHAHA! Yeah, still hoping to transfer to that marvelous university.

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