A Makati Observation

Last Saturday, I went on a trip to Makati because I needed to buy a how-to-speak-German book from Goethe Institut. It was a quite an enlightening trip because I pursued myself to open all my senses while I was there; it’s rare for me to go to Makati, so I made it a point to enjoy every second of it.

First off, I have to say that I don’t have anymore pictures aside from the one above because my DSLR is just too big, my smart phone was stolen last year and my mother didn’t bring her digicam, and I didn’t want to use my mother’s phone because it looks so girly, hence I’d look like a feminine tourist hahaha! However, I still looked like a tourist nonetheless.

My preferred outfit for a normal day would be: a polo shirt/T-shirt, shorts and a pair of footwear that requires no socks e.g. Sanuk or Crocs (YES, I love Crocs). I swear I am not making this next bit up; I could count the number of people wearing shorts in a single hand throughout my 4-hour-stay in Makati. I saw two Caucasians and one Korean wearing shorts; plus me make four people wearing shorts in the Salcedo Village area. I felt so out place when I saw everyone wearing pants. Forget the fact that everyone was wearing business attires; I just felt detached because of my shorts hahaha!

Makati’s skyline is always impressive, and it’s the best one in the Philippines by far. They also have all the public utilities built underground, and as they say “outta sight; outta mind.” What really hit me though were the underground walkways that connect one side of the road to the other. Why did it impact me you ask? Well, simply put, it smelled like London. There was a faint stench that was very distinct when I travelled the London Underground, and that stench brought me back to my childhood. Then of course I felt depressed because my childhood was the only time I lived a perfect life of no worries, but I kept inhaling the air, trying to trigger those bittersweet moments of my childhood.

While trying to find the Goethe Institut, I made some remarkable observations about the Makati life and Makati itself. Makati life is bright, vibrant, stimulating and contagious. It made me feel extremely productive even though I was only there to find a book. If ever I get a chance to work in Makati, I will take that chance.

People in Makati are like people in Eastwood, only more “sophisticated” (whatever that means). They have this certain aura around them that makes you want to step up your game, even if you’re just out having a luncheon with your kollege (that’s Deutsch for colleague lolz). I’ve seen plenty of good-looking women, but young Makati business women are damn fine *insert ‘Not Bad’ meme*.

Makati is extremely clean, and I find that really surprising. It’s either that the cleaning crew of Makati are always hard at work or workers and residents of Makati are very disciplined or both. Moreover the fact that Makati is clean, it’s also generally quiet for the Philippines economic epicentre. Imagine a suburban neighborhood with cars and people chatting; now take that atmosphere and place it in a city. How peculiar is that? Though, amazing nevertheless.

Ayala Triangle Park is one of the many parks that are privately owned, and I must say, I am impressed with their toilets hahaha! I was expecting the place to be nasty and dirty, but no! It was so clean it smelled like a hotel (I told you I opened up my senses).

Makati is probably one of the best, if not the best city to live in. I’ve been a suburban kid my entire life and I wouldn’t mind living and working in Makati (or Global City). Every Saturday morning in Salcedo, a bazaar full of food and other stuff awaits those who are on a budget. This weekend morning bazaar is probably rank one in my ‘Weekend Morning Bazaar List’. Second place would be SIDCOR, and only because SIDCOR is so huge and there are just too many people for me to handle. (Salcedo Market link 1 link 2)

Okay, lastly I wanna talk about the picture above hahaha! That was taken in an Italian restaurant in Ayala Triangle Park called Amici. My mom and I had cake and gelato (duh), but I had a little Count of Monte Cristo as well :D The green book beside the Kindle is the German book I was talking about.

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