Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)

I’ve noticed something common amongst the people I follow on twitter. Some people have been talking about dieting, because they think their body needs it; some people have been talking about fasting because they want to offer some sort of sacrifice for their god.

I get agitated every time I hear about this; not because I’m over-weight, but because these people think so much of themselves that they forget what they’re actually talking about. When a certain something plays a major role in a your life is belittled, that’s when you should know that there is something wrong with you.

People complain and whine about the traffic, yet they take for granted the fact that they can actually afford to buy a car that has air-conditioning, a radio and a comfortable seat. They forget that a car is a machine that’s designed to propel you from one place to another in a short amount of time with the maximum amount of security and comfort (depending on the car’s feature, of course).

Let’s bring down the situation to something that most people could relate to, since not all people who read this have a car/cars.

I follow a lot of younger people on twitter. Their selfishness shines during special occasions e.g. Christmas or birthdays (from this point on, I guess you have a clue on what I’m talking about). One of the people I follow hated her parents because she didn’t get what she wanted on Christmas: an iPhone 4s. It wasn’t only her parents that she blamed, but also the cellular phone network.

I just can’t believe that a person has such a shallow concern for others. Many people don’t have an iPhone; let alone a smart phone. I have a Nokia phone that plays polyphonic ring-tones, and it has a built-in flashlight (those two were it’s selling points). You don’t see me bitching about it.

This girl doesn’t even realize that she’s even lucky to have an option of having a smart phone, and again, let alone a phone. Many people would have to work their entire lives to earn the simplest and cheapest of Android’s smart phones.

What sets me off about her is that she believes her life is ruined because her parents didn’t get her the iPhone 4S. This I say to you, my delicious yet ignorant dear (she’s hot for a girl her age lol): GET YOUR HEAD SORTED OUT.

Now the situations and conditions are set, I shall bring you to my final point of this blog entry. Fasting and dieting. There were around two or more people who talked about dieting and one person who talked about fasting. So, I will divide this last part into two parts: self and religion.

Most of these people talked about dieting during and after the Christmas season. They would complain about how much weight they’ve gained because they ate and drank too much or they would complain that they were just tired of not having that desirable body that people see on television and magazines. It’s great that a person has concern for their body, although it should be taken to the extent in where insensitivity becomes prominent.

The following paragraph will be written in a second-person narrative.

How stupid can you be? You complain about your misshapen body and your BMI that states you’re fat. You have no fucking clue how lucky you even are to actually have a choice to diet. To have that choice is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Other people have no other option but to starve on the street, and you have the nerve to say “I ATE too much”? FUCK YOU. Fuck you and your ideal that every fucking thing you think is important revolves around you. So before you shove that piece of garbage you call food down your throat, you better make sure that you don’t bitch about it afterwards; because there are people who don’t even have the energy to lift their hands to beg for food. Insensitive mother fucking prick.

Now that my anger is out-of-the-way, I will talk about fasting and religion.

Fasting is basically a way to offer a certain type of sacrifice for your god, or in my case, it is for strengthening one’s mind through meditation; I find both of these very wrong. Would God want you to offer a sacrifice by letting your body starve or would He want you to give that food (the ones you avoid eating during fasting) to kids who NEED food? Fasting is also a luxury, but it’s a sugar-coated luxury that “rewards” you once you reach heaven. Nevertheless, which of the two would be more fulfilling: fasting or helping out kids? If you don’t know the answer, then you’re as bad as those who diet.

The same principles apply for Buddhism. I don’t think that fasting is a way to enlightenment. It may be for some, but I don’t see it that way. There are greater things that can be achieved if a Buddhist helps people in need, rather than secluding oneself from others trying to achieve enlightenment through the means of mind-over-body-whatever.

Get yourself sorted out, and know where you and others stand before you bitch about it.

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