Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 4): Am I Really in College?

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Two weeks ago, I took the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) for transferees. I prepared myself for that exam for over two months. I took a one-on-one tutorial at Ahead in Katipunan. I did nothing but review for weeks before the exam. I was surprised to find that they hadn’t change the test since 2007, and I don’t think they will change it any time soon. What was more surprising was the difficulty of the test. It’s either I’ve gotten smarter over the past two years or I’ve gotten smarter over the past two years hahaha!

Let me elaborate.

The first ACET I took was around 2008. I wasn’t accepted, obviously. However, I think I wasn’t accepted because I wasn’t mentally and emotionally ready for college. The next ACET I took was on 2009 along with the DLSUCET (De La Salle Univeristy College Entrance Test). I easily noticed the difficulty between the two college entrance tests. The ACET was definitely time pressuring, and the Math was a more difficult. I felt less time pressure in the DLSUCET, and it’s Science and Chemistry were much more difficult.

For some strange reason (which I’ve stated at the beginning of 2010), I got wait-listed for a degree I was excellent at, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Theatre Arts. I got accepted in De La Salle University for my first choice AB-Philosophy, then I shifted out to European Studies so I could pursue my master’s degree in Philosophy at Deutschland (hopefully at Heidelberg University).

Uhh.. I’m deviating from the topic again.

During the short break of the ACET, I found out that the guy sitting behind me was from DLSU. We shared the same belief about DLSU, and why ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University) is better than DLSU. In the end, we both agreed that DLSU just didn’t feel like a university.

Ever since I got in DLSU, I felt like I was still in high school, only the workload was much heavier. I came from a high school that taught us in college simulating environment, and that’s probably a reason why I feel that way about DLSU, but that’s just not it. I had a chance to experience the Atenean life for one day. I met up with a friend, and he showed me around campus. He showed me the people, the hotspots and the things about ADMU that only Atenean students knew.

He introduced me to his organization, and I quickly felt comfortable around them. We laughed, shared stories and jokes, unlike the organization I joined in DLSU. As I peered through their windows and unto the grounds of ADMU, the sensation I felt since that morning finally made itself clear. For the first time, I felt like I was a student of higher education. ADMU has this certain aura that made me feel like I’ve finally graduated from high school, while DLSU made sure that I felt like I was still in high school.

I hope I get accepted into ADMU :| They need me. lol

10 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 4): Am I Really in College?

  1. Hey, I really liked your message because it is very well-considered as a blog – personal and opinionated. Well, I really felt that sentiment before, I really wanted to go to Ateneo (given that my brother studied there and so does my mom and sister) or better yet, UP.

    I can’t help but notice your argument that La Salle is not considered as a University. I’m not condemning you for what you claimed but seeing the people and the places for a day or two is not enough to decide. I’ve been there. You barely explained why and maybe that would enlighten me.

    As an individual, it is also inadequate to say that La Salle is questionable as to being a university. Plus your claim includes all graduates, faculty, and facilities and even QS/AUN (the University accrediting bodies).

    Another is that you being smarter because you got mature is not the totality of your ACET result, it includes your grades in La Salle. So nagbenefit ka sa “di pagka-university” ng La Salle, you got your 4.0’s because of that inadequacy and you became mature in that school. Plus the school produces good graduates. So that is enough to say that it is a University. I know a lot of friends who transferred to Katipunan (I don’t know if it’s because of accessibility or pride). Maybe the grass got into you, maluwag dun. Ni ako nga naisipan kong lumipat sa UP-d. ;)

    Oh and note, mas mabigat ang workload ng Ateneo, baka ma-culture shock ka. Hopefully not. Best wishes in your (future) endeavors. Sana di yan lumabas sa letter of admissions mo. Oh and learn to love and respect your past. :)


    1. Thank you very much for you comment on my post, and I shall do my best to my degree to shed some light.

      De La Salle University is an excellent institution for higher education. That’s why I applied there and in ADMU. I didn’t apply for UP because I’m terrible at Tagalog and I can barely speak straight Filipino, and I didn’t apply for UST because you have to wear uniforms (a pretty petty reason, but a good enough reason for me).

      DLSU does give international high quality education; there is no doubt about that. I learn plenty of new things and the professors are excellent. I am glad to have the opportunity to study in such a prestigious institution. I do apologize for not making my intentions clear about my animosity towards DLSU. My main attention was to attack the normal day of a student at DLSU and not the academic standards of DLSU.

      I’ve been in love with Ateneo because I’ve lived in Katipunan for over 12 years; I hope that answers something too.

      I’m actually looking forward to heavy workloads, because I’m a workaholic hahaha!


  2. If that’s how you feel about your school, then I really hope that you do make in to the Ateneo. Looks like no one asked you to study in La Salle anyway.


        1. I see, but what he said on the second sentence was true; so it doesn’t matter if it was sarcasm or not. It was me who wanted to study in Ateneo or La Salle, and it was me who wanted to continue schooling and no one else.


  3. Thank you for discouraging me to enter DLSU! Your dislike for the university absolutely justifies the reasons you made this post! Be careful what you post online, and yes I am aware that you were merely exercising your freedom of speech, but unfortunately you’re not fully aware of the consequences of it. I’m looking forward to a Ateneo hate post, but I’m sure that would be unlikely since the Philippines worships that school.


  4. Hello there! My name is Fatima and I’m planning to study next year in DLSU, could you please tell me if the questions in DLSUCET will be in Tagalog? Since I’m an international I will be screwed if that’s the case!


    1. The questions are not in Tagalog. You could also apply for the ACET. That also doesn’t have Tagalog. Although, the ACET requires an essay. Best of luck!


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