Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 5): Physical Examination


All academic institutions have this physical exam that they do every year, right? I hope I’m right. Anyway, our physical exam consisted of a/an eye/vision, blood pressure, X-ray, dental and (an actual) physical exam (physician included).

The eye exam was pretty useless. The nurse was not paying any attention to my recitation of the letters from the eye chart. I know this because I recited a different line of letters e.g. line 6 instead of line 7. Not only that, but she recorded my vision as 20/20 when I was clearly wearing glasses, of which my chances of replacing its lenses for the past 2 years were overlooked. Add to the fact that I recited different letters for each eye, which would then amount to the incompetence of the nurse. I would’ve just done the test myself; it wouldn’t make a difference.

The X-ray was all right; nothing much to say about that. What really set me off was the dentist. The dentist was disgusting. Do you know the dental instrument that has a tiny mirror at the end?

Yeah. That one. Obviously, I was the nth patient. However, the problem was that there was evidence that I was the nth patient, and it wasn’t very tasteful. That’s right, the dentists don’t sterilise their equipment after they use it on a patient. You couldn’t imagine the revolting taste that bust unto my palate when she inserted that rectal taste sensation into my mouth and used it to press down my tongue. You are disgusting and unprofessional, and I hope DLSU reads this and fires you from your position.

I vomited after the exam.

PS. does anybody know what “typical “friends” making a burning building out of a bonfire” means?


8 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 5): Physical Examination

  1. Oh my goodness… it’s SOP dentists to sterilize or at least have more than one piece of equipment especially if it’s an oral instrument. WTF, right? Yuck! I’m sorry you had to go through that.


  2. Hi! I’m actually about to start college at DLSU this May when I stumbled upon your blog. I have to say your posts made me scared a bit but compared to ADMU, I prefer DLSU. Not offend you or anything, it’s just that I love the atmosphere within the campus. It’s laidback, comfortable and it feels like home. I come from a school who pushed me to my limit (not that they succeeded) however, I didn’t care because I was good and I knew it. When I took the DLSUCET I was blown out of my mind because it was THAT hard. I took all of the entrance exam in the big four but the DLSUCET was by far the hardest while the ACET was the most fun because I love to write (BTW I passed all of them). What I’m trying to say is that I hope you pass the ACET and I hope you’ll be happy with whatever life throws at you. Good luck!


    1. Thanks for your reply! I didn’t pass the ACET actually and it’s my last term. So yeah, I’m graduating this coming June! I’m beginning to realise what I did wrong when making these posts (which, by the way, I wrote 2 years ago). After I shifted from Philosophy, I had to wait a year before I could start my Majors. This meant that all I did were Minor subjects and that bored the hell out of me. When I took my Majors, everything was fantastic. I loved studying, everything was challenging and my professors were the best that Lasalle could ever give me. Anyway, good luck in Lasalle! Getting in is one thing and staying in and excelling is another.

      PS. Join as much organisations as you can and get an ‘officer position’. It looks good on your resume. Oh, and ignore campus political parties. They’re not as good as they claim themselves to be. Take it from a senior.


      1. Thanks! And I thought it isn’t that great there. Thank you for reinforcing my belief that it’s the best for me :D


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