How To Expel Someone From DLSU

I don’t think I ever talked about this on my blog, but I did get someone expelled from DLSU (or at least I think I did). So what happened? You ask. Of course you’d ask, everyone does. To protect myself from danger, I’ll make the nouns, pronouns and proper nouns as vague as possible hahaha!

My professor said to group ourselves for a project. I got two of my friends in plus four more people who I just got to acquaint myself at that time; one of them was the guy that got expelled.

So what do college students first do when a group has been established? Make a Facebook group, of course. We made sure that everyone was connected and in check. We could see each one of our progress.

We divided our group into three smaller groups. The first group consisted of three people, me and my two friends. We were responsible for making the paper itself. The second group consisted of two people. They were responsible for making the script for the video. The last group consisted of two people, one video editor and one assistant. The guy who got expelled was the assistant.

We put that guy–let’s just call him Mr. Ass–in the last group. We heard that Mr. Ass was extremely lazy. I know this to be true because my friend was a group mate with Mr. Ass in another class. Anyway, we put Mr. Ass as the editor’s ASSistant (see what I there?) because it was the most chillaxing job.

All Mr. Ass had to do was help the editor gather resources for the video. An easy task considering that we have the Internet. But no, he made had to make it difficult.

So here’s why he was expelled (or at least I think he was).

He is a scholar, so if he so much as gets a grade lower than 2.0 in any class, he is off the scholarship program and out of DLSU. The only problem was that he failed each and every activity that the professor was throwing at us. The only way, according to my professor, that he could keep his grades up was: he was to fully participate in the group project. That’s were things got dirty.

During the video editing part, my group mate said that he needed help. “Where’s your assistant?” I asked. He said that he was nowhere to be found. So I ended up helping him. This was after my friends and I type over 20,000 words in a span of over a day, so I was pretty tired. Then that’s when it hit me. Mr. Ass did nothing for the group.

D-day came at us after a couple of hours. We presented our paper and our video. We braced ourselves for the defence (we had to defend our topic). Little did I know that Mr. Ass slipped out the door. He got out of the room before our video ended and he didn’t return ’til we finished the defence. Talk about being an ass.

That action of his was the last straw that I could take from him. So me, my friends and the rest of the group, excluding Mr. Ass, gathered around after class with the professor to discuss the fate of Mr. Ass.

I told our professor that he did absolutely nothing for the group, he didn’t so much as pitch an idea in the Facebook group and he didn’t answer any of the questions given at the defence. I told my professor that we should fail him because it doesn’t seem fair to my friends and I, who slaved over the paper, and to the video editor, who had no sleep at all. The script writers were pretty much unbiased, since Mr. Ass wasn’t connected to them.

We had come to an agreement that we would have him make a 10 page, back-to-back report on the same topic, and we wanted it hand-written, since he could easily copy-paste the report. We could also check his hand writing and confirm if it really was him who wrote the paper. We gave him a week to complete the task.

A week later, he was absent for class. He did give his ten-page-paper to my friend though. I took a look at it. He handwriting was illegible. We jokingly called it cuneiform! That’s how bad it was. However, in further inspection, I was able to decipher the ancient text. I asked my professor if he could read cuneiform; he gave me a confused looked. I showed him the paper to answer his inquiry. He laughed too, and he said “I’ll try to read this.”

I tried to read it as well. Then I saw something familiar. A paragraph that one of my friends wrote in the document. Mr. Ass had finally sealed his fate. He had plagiarised. “This is it,” I thought. This was the perfect way to take him out. I showed the paragraph to my friend asked if she could recognise this paragraph, and she did. I began to look for paragraphs that I wrote, and he did copy a couple of them.

I told my professor that he committed plagiarism and showed him proof. I told him that he should at least fail this class, anything beyond that would be in my professor’s decision.

And that’s how you expel someone from DLSU hahahaha! Ooooh… let’s see who could replicate this lol.

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