The Breakaway

So a week ago, I got a class at DLSU, which I thought was creative writing for fiction or non-fiction. It was–much to my surprise–creative writing for poetry. Poetry class was not something I was hoping for, since I did want to learn how to write literature. I’ve been planning to write a book ever since I got into my university. I just don’t have the knowledge and experience to write it. (Experience=life experience. Not as a writer, but as a person).

Our professor told us to get a brand new notebook for journal entries. He wants us to see how we think and how we give our opinions on something–which I believe I am excellent in doing aka blogging. Basically, he wants to know that we are alive, and I do mean that in the most literal of sense hahahaha! Our first entry: anything you want to talk about. So here’s what I said. (The following has been greatly edited and improved.)

I’ve been craving for something, and this time it isn’t food. Food is just a refrigerator away, and I’m quite easy to please when it comes to mum’s home-cooked meal. I’ve always hated fast-food, junk food e.i. chips, sodas and whatever they make in those factories nowadays. Anyway, it isn’t food that I’m craving for; it’s ADVENTURE. So I quote from Finn the human, “It’s adventure time!” As cliché as it sounds, it’s something that I need, like how peanut butter and jelly go together.

My life so far has been quite stressful. Ever since I got into my university, it’s always been study this or study that. I had to resign from my position in The Writer’s Guild because I couldn’t hold on to the responsibilities as a Jr. Officer and keep my grades up at the same time. Now it seems that most of the Officers in the guild has some sort of grudge against me. I’m not saying that they do; it’s just an observation.

Oh, dear. Looks like I’ve strayed from the topic again.

The adventure I so much seek is not the kind that deals with wild animals, the forest or camping among Mother Nature’s insects. No. The adventure that I seek is a road-trip.

I once had a road-trip with a couple of friends a year ago. My friend called me out-of-the-blue and ask if I wanted to go. It was so spontaneous, since the trip would’ve started in a couple of hours after her call. My mother was against it, but I went anyway. I deserved a vacation.

For two days and one night we hung out at the beach, did drinking games ’til dawn and just laughed our asses off continuously. The next day was more on relaxing. We went back to the beach and soaked up some sun. We then went to the club house, and the girls went swimming and us guys went ahead and played some pool. Our vacation ended too soon, and it left me wanting for more.

The road trip adventure that my entire essence now thirsts for is much more–shall we say–intimate. I wish to travel around for lengthily periods of time, to places I’ve never been, meet people I’ve never met, taste their culture through food, music and art, and I wish to do this with a girl.

The idea of travelling around with a girl has appealed to me so much that I can’t stop thinking about it. The idea is just so delectable, delicious, scrumptious even. Although, it can’t be just any girl that I take along. No. It must be with a beautiful stranger. It doesn’t matter if she’s in a relationship or not, because being oblivious to one’s identity would just be part of the–you guessed it–adventure.

I’d imagine myself and her traveling in an old Volkswagen Camper. We’d play good music, eat good food, see and experience amazing things, camp under the stars then shower by the lake in the morning. It’s one of my own interpretations of paradise.

If the trip does end, I don’t mind if she doesn’t tell me her name, number or even if she’s married. Secrecy is a small price to pay for an adventure with an amazing girl. It would be a perfect break from the reality that I’m facing now. Not a single day goes by that I think about that trip, but I just can’t afford to dream. My mother needs me more than ever, and I need to get high grades if ever I want a good paying job.

Dreams need money, and that’s just one thing I don’t have now.

6 thoughts on “The Breakaway

  1. This is beautiful. The feeling of breaking free. Sometimes I am also accused of escaping from reality with the fantasy books I read. But once in a while, we really deserve a break, and a fantastic one at that.


      1. There are ‘practical’ ways to achieve this! But of course, you have to be careful on how much ‘breaking-free’ is safe. As for me, the usual ‘detachment’ that I do is go to the park, plug myself to music, and just feel the rustle of leaves, waves of people.


        1. I do that too, but I’m more of a coffee shop person. I love to just read a book and sip coffee whilst the rain pours over the metropolitan. But I need some excitement in my life. And I’ve been around too many people for too long hahaha!


          1. My professor before, she said she would just ride a jeep or bus (in the province and also abroad) go wherever the transit go! She would also check-in in some random hotels or inns and the next day, she is on the go again! Try that one if you want.=)


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