The Safety Razor

English: Drawing from US patent 775,134 (safet...
English: Drawing from US patent 775,134 (safety razor). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Around three weeks ago, I finally decided to buy something that most men never thought existed. The reason why I bought this was because of a blog that I’ve been following since 2011 entitled Art of Manliness. I was looking for a way on how to grow a very manly mustache, just like the ones we see in the movies set in the 1800s. I was fascinated by this art of being “manly”, and most of these practices aren’t practiced anymore (see what I did there?) I find that quite sad.


English: A modern safety razor, based on the c...
English: A modern safety razor, based on the classic design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across this post about shaving with safety razors, and I decided to give it a go. So I went down to my local drugstore and bought myself a box of Gillette Rubie razors and one cheap-ass plastic safety razor (definitely not like the one depicted on the right).

First thing I notice when I used the safety razor is the difficulty of using it. My Gillette Mach3 gives me the comfort of shaving quickly and cleanly, because it has a swivel that goes up and down while I shave. Art of Manliness was right, it takes time and patience when using the safety razor, and it was something I had to learn the painful way. I cut my beautiful face five times when I first tried it out.

I got used to adjusting the angle of the razor while I shaved (after five or more cuts, that is). I’ve never had such a relaxing experience doing such a mundane task. It usually takes me three to five minutes to shave when I use the Mach3. With the safety razor however, it takes me more than ten minutes. But in those ten minutes, my mind is so aware with what I’m doing, because it takes precision to get the right shave WITHOUT cutting yourself. Last shave I had was around five days ago, and I must say, my face has never been so smooth.

Please refer to filename above
Please refer to filename above (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m looking to upgrade from my crappy plastic safety razor to a heavy-duty metal safety razor (like the one above.) I hear that I can get better control from using that. That, and it’s just much more manly to use. After I do master using the safety razor, I’m going to upgrade to a straight razor or how the barbers in my country like to call it: labaha (with a razor cartridge at first, then a proper one when I get enough cash.)

I hope to see you soon with my baby smooth face.

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