Don’t Choke Me

Here’s what’s been happening to me in the past week (and yes, it’s in bullet-form):

  • I found out that one of my friends has caught a rare kind of cancer.
  • My uncle almost passed away due to an infection in his lungs. I say almost because he was, thankfully, revived by an amazing set of doctors and nurses.
  • The family is struggling to pay his medical expenses.
  • My family is struggling to keep up with the expenses (bills, food, my tuition most especially).
  • I found out that I failed a subject that only required attendance for me to pass. It’s also a class that has nothing to do with my degree, religion or philosophy. Plus, this deserves a separate post. A lot of shit happened when I found out.
  • Failing a subject means that I will NOT be able to graduate with Latin Honours, the thing I’ve been working on since my stay in La Salle. I’m thinking of working on a legislation to give students a fighting chance to get what they work so hard for.
  • My chances for a scholarship has been greatly diminished since I failed that subject.
  • My father continues to be… well you’d know if you’ve read my past posts.
  • There has been a lack of communication between the people I work with in my Batch Student Government, hence continuous delays on necessary projects. Some, if not, most of those faults are mine.
  • Papers everywhere
  • Mother’s incessant pleasing personality

It may not seem much, but it damn well is for me.

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