Ein Glücklicher Traum

I had a happy dream a few weeks ago. Actually, it’s probably been a month since then. I remember this particular dream because it was about someone who I really care about, and no it isn’t about my ex-girlfriend (she’s probably most mentioned girl in this blog hahaha!). Surprisingly enough, my dream was about one of my closest friends.

I haven’t had a pure-happy-romantic-dream in years. Well, more like I haven’t had a pure-happy-romantic-dream since my breakup in 2008. I’ve had other happy dreams, but those were more comedic relief. I had a dream once that I was in a cooking competition with a friend and we were badmouthing each other like black women HAHAHA! I’m not being racist :D

In relation to the picture above, the dream I had probably happened in Japan during the cherry blossom season, and I shall relate it to you as if I was narrating a prose. :D (For good practise since I’m writing a novella hahaha!)

Sakura Dream

The sakura petals are falling like soft snow. The only thing I hear are the chatter and laughter of the hustling festival down the path. She told me to meet her at where we found the stray cat and fed it. And as always, she’s late. Or as says, “no! You’re just always earlier!”

I laugh to myself as people pass by. They must think I’m some delusional person or something. Nearing the point of said stray cat area, I see a small stand near the path selling takoyaki; it’s between a tall sakura tree and a broken brown park bench. “That’s awfully strange for a stand to be so far out from the festival,” I think to myself. Still, I ignore it.

The sun is setting, and the gold shimmering stream a few yards away from the path looks like flowing fairy dust. The chilly weather forced me to wear a ridiculously pink and thick jacket before I went out. It makes me look like the girlfriend of the mascot for Michelin. Not to be outdone, my hands are covered with thick wooly mittens of the same colour as my jacket. I decided to wear a dark green scarf, just to break the colour continuity. Looking like something out of a ’90s Winter Collection advertisement, I left for the festival.

I walk up to the railing that divides the path and the stream. It just seems so surreal, peaceful and quiet. A couple of minutes go by and I decide to grab myself a bite to eat, since I know I’m gonna be here for a while. I head towards the takoyaki stand.

“Hello, old lady.”

“Hello, young man. Would you like to buy one?” The old lady is sitting on a small stool. She has layers of clothes and what seems like a cup of hot tea clutched in her gloved hands.

“How much?”

“100yen,” she replies with a gentle smile. I smile back and search for loose change in my coin purse. Then I realise that I wouldn’t have enough money left for the festival if I were to buy one for myself and for her.

“Sorry, but I don’t think I could buy.” Disappointment just spills through my lips as I say it, because here’s an old lady, trying to make a living in this cold weather. While I’m here in my cozy jacket waiting for my date. I then notice a boiling pot on an open fire. “What’s that?” I ask.

“This? Oh, sweet yams. I’m selling these too,” the old lady says with that same smile.

“How much?” I’m hoping that they would be cheaper than the takoyaki at the very least.

“Same price, but you get two. I think yams are always tastier when you eat it with someone.” The old lady laughs at her brilliant philosophy.

“I’ll take two sweet yams then, please.” I laugh with her. I’m glad I got here a little early.

“You’ll have to wait for a bit. They aren’t ready yet. Come, have tea with me.”

Hai.” I sit down by the grass beside her and receive the tea in a plastic tea-cup. We don’t say anything to each other; you could say that we just enjoy each others company; we enjoy the scenery; we enjoy the serenity of it all. I finish the tea ahead of old lady, but I couldn’t leave; I feel it would be inappropriate.

Then, I see her walking down the path. “It’s about time. 10 minutes late, go figure.” I smile as she approaches the railing. “Old lady, the person I’m meeting is here. Thank you so much for the tea.”

“Don’t forget your sweet yams.” She hands a brown paper bag over to me, and I thank her deeply again for the tea.

I walk up to her and lean on the railing. The soft gold sunlight on her face just makes her look so beautiful. “You’re late, as always.”

“Psh! Whatever!” She turns to me and pouts. “You’re just earlier than I am!” She’s wearing the jacket I bought for her, I thought.

“You are not the queen of Genovia! And you’re just shorter than I am!” I always liked tormenting her, this time was no different.

“Irrelevant!” And as custom dictates, she punches me in the gut.

“Come on, let’s go. We’re all ready late because of you.” I grab her around my arm and walk down the path.

“Meh. What’s that?” She points to the paper bag in my other arm.

I pull the paper bag towards her, and she peeps inside. “It’s yours. I thought I’d buy one since I knew I’d be waiting for a while. Why can’t your sense of time be as keen as your sense of smell?” I laugh a hearty laugh.

“Well it’s your fault for always being so early! If you’d just come on time, then you’d just have to wait ten minutes.” She raises eyebrow to make a point, “and my sense of smell isn’t as great as you think.” She sticks her tongue out at me, and I just sigh because there’s just no point in arguing with her hahaha! I take my glove off and feel her hair. I tilt her head towards me and kiss her. Not at the lips though, just at her head, since she was busy munching away.

We ate our yams as we walked to the festival. Her exhalation materialises in front of her, leaving trails of fog in the cold air.

“These yams are really tasty,” she says. “I love them!”

“I love them too.” Though, I didn’t refer to the yams.

Sakura petals slowly fall, just like soft snow. I’m just happy to be with her, both in my dreams and in reality.


You could tell it’s a dream because cherry blossoms don’t bloom in cold weather.

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