Getting My Mother to Read more Books

So, the Fully Booked Katipunan branch (Katipunan is where I live) has this 20% off sale because of its anniversary thing! The picture above is actually the Katipunan branch :D Anyway, I accompanied my mother to the bank, then she accompanied me to Fully Booked. I knew that there was going to be a 20% off sale, but little did I know that I would be buying something and that there would be a 40% off table full of old and unknown books! Not only are some books 40% off, some are even marked down to $1.21!

The first four books are my mom’s, and I am Number Four is mine. Amazingly enough, the first two books are $1.21 each and the next two are $2.42 each! Originally, these would sum up to be around $30! I mean $4.84 for four books is a long way from $30, so you could imagine how happy my mom was when she found these.

I am Number Four was originally $6.74, and I just had to pay $5.39. It isn’t much of a discount, but for a well-known, brand-new and straight out of the box book, it’s definitely a bargain! If you’re wondering why I didn’t buy the second and third one, don’t hahahaha! It’s a 10 day sale, so I’ll get them at the last day. So we paid around $10 for five books (Two weeks ago, I found a hardcover copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns for $2.89 at a pre-owned bookstore.)

I’ve always wanted to have my mom to pick up a book and engross herself in its story. I didn’t know how to influence her into having a habit of reading, much less visiting a bookstore. So, I ignored my intentions and just continued to visit bookstores and read myself. Apparently, that’s all I needed to do to get my mom to actually pick a book for herself. Last time, I bought my mom a book called The men who play God: A collection of ten stories. It’s about doctors and surgeons and their life as people who hold lives in their hands. I thought my mom would find interest in it since she has graduated from a medical field. I was wrong.

It’s lovely to see that my mom would pick books up according to her own personal taste, and now she’s reading The Last Heiress

This experience makes me realise that I can’t intentionally influence someone to love reading books. I feel scared for my future kids each time I think about it. Technology is becoming so advanced and, honestly, amazing. We are coming to a point where people would diverge from the creations that have made all of these possible. I’m not talking about e-book readers becoming more popular than its original printed counterpart. I’m talking about television, videos, iPads, apps and the Internet taking the attention away from the pleasure of reading something printed on paper. Real paper, not e-paper.

I don’t know how I would teach my future kids to love reading printed books. There are so much external factors that could make kids depend on technology that it would inevitably hinder their intellectual growth. I use the Internet to do my research, sure. But I use it because it’s faster and much more convenient. I was still taught how to use catalogue cards at the library if I needed to search for something.

I’ve got a young friend who’s at fifth grade, and he tells me that iPads are now a requirement at his elementary! Isn’t that insane!? I mean, how can kids appreciate reading, let alone learning from a person if they don’t have the physical book at their fingertips and their senses towards real flesh and bone that teaches are on an illuminated screen? There is a huge difference in experience when holding and learning from a leather hardcover book and a person than to a piece of expensive glass and aluminium. If you do prefer expensive glass and aluminium then, as Mijonju says, “You are not romantic.”

I fear for my future kids’ future in this era of rapidly progressing technology. And in the irony of it all, it’s difficult to teach a new dog old tricks.

PS. who wants to volunteer to be my proofreader/editor for my blog posts and novella? It’ll be good practise since I’m a terrible writer hahahaha!

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